Hard Work & Preseverance Pays Off

Friday, July 27, 2018

Hello my dear beloved readers, may peace be upon you.
 First post in 2018! Yahoo! 
What makes you wanted to click the read more button? A nice blog title? Beautiful image? Or ...

I know its been a long hiatus since my last blog post. Without knowing it,this hiatus actually takes two different era! Yup its a new government we live in now. However this is not a political writing. I have done my job and now its the time for the government to do their job.  
Why my title is hard work &preseverance pays off? I’m so thankful because after few trials, I finally succeeded in my job application with LHDNM.
Its been three months since my report duty and today I just completed my one month foundation course for newly appointed IRB’s officer at Akademi Percukaian Malaysia, Bangi. 
 Before that, I would like to thank all my blog readers & visitors for stopping and dropping  me lovely comments. I’m so honoured & surprised to see my blog stats doing quite well despite my long loong hiatus. 

As mention above, busy with training is one of my excuses for not updating my blog. Lol! Lame excuses. I actually running out of idea on what topic to write! 
I’m planning to write about my experiences with IRB’s job application process. Maybe it can be a good sharing for those interested to apply in the next opening. What do you think? Drop me some comment in the  comment section below. Chio! 

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  1. Congrats Zety! and I miss your presence in the blogging world :(

    1. Tq rasya...

      Will drop at ur blog and read one or two post

      Take care ,,

  2. okayy i'm waiting for the next post :)

    1. Tq anis,
      Insyaallah weekend ill try to publish

  3. First time here and would like to congratulate you on your new job with LHDNM! Yes, I think you should share with us about that hehe I'm sure it would be a great reference for those who wish to apply next :)

  4. Yepp, agree, if you have time, share the experience here, would love to read as well :)