About Me

 Hi, I'm Zety!

IF A STORY IS IN YOU is has to come out -William Faulkner-

Maths is always my least favorite subject in school. I hate numbers but  ironically I work with numbers everyday! So I guess my love-hate relationship with numbers will never end. yupp! I survived accounting  school and I'm planning on taking professional certs , maybe ACCA or MICPA

Started this blog as a medium to express my self in a more variable approach. I believe writing a blog is  a challenging process  that involves learning process, passion, consistency, and hope.  As I believe writing can improve my self,  so I  take a challenge and launch this blog. 

I see, I read , I experienced, I think, and I write.

kepada kawan-kawan, jangan terkejut kalau terjumpa blog ni, support lah! follow and stalk blog ni hari-hari :) nanti kita kopi-kopi

Thank you for reading this tiny little blog

 -10 Mac 2016-