5 Legit Ways to Style Your Sneakers

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How to best dress when you want to look girly yet playful at the same time?

While some say sneakers are too boyish to pair with a feminine dress, sporty shoes actually offers the perfect balance. To prove it, let's look how you can style your favorite sneakers with your favorite dress- it totally works! So, whether you're headed out on a first date or just need some fresh office-wear inspiration, this is the Summer style hack worth giving a try

How about a brunch date with your girlfriends and try out a trendy look that's bound to get their attention. Yes! Pair your dress with your favorite sneakers and when your BFFs compliment your cool new look, simply smile and enjoy that moment

Weekend Casual
While sneakers may already be a weekend gear, skip your workout wear and change on to a breezy maxi dress instead. Since you never know who you'll run in to while you're out running errands, there's no harm in taking your look from no effort to effortlessly chic. Love this, how about you?

The Office
To make this combination for office appropriate, pair sleek sneakers with a structured sophisticated business dress. Keep your jewelry simple but make a statement with a bag that makes you feel like a total boss. Leisure weekend at office, why not?

Date Night
Whether it's a first date or you've planned something special with your long-term love, sneakers will help put you (and your date) at ease. You can still wear your favorite girly dress but leave your go-to stilettos at home. Not only do sneakers seem more relaxed, they'll help you survive the walk home blister-free once dinner is done. P/s, sometime to look different in front of your loved one is a nice surprise, isn't it?

Night Out
You have a party to attend and you’re planning on dancing the night away? Don't feel obligated to wear your sexiest heels. Sneakers add a hint of playfulness to a flirty mini dress — and with all the fun you'll be having while you own the dance floor, someone is bound to take notice.

What is your favourite look? Feel free to drop a comment below.
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  1. I'm wearing sneakers with baju kurung and my friends started to follow me HAHAHA

  2. im always wearing sneakers with skirts, jeans. for me, sneakers suit everything XD