The Evolution of KPOP

Sunday, April 24, 2016

KPOP wave trend
The Evolution of KPOP | Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo kpoppers !  As some of you might already know, I am a hardcore Kdrama addicts. But today, I am not going to write about korean drama but I wanna write about KPOP. A little bit intro, I used to be a diehard fan of  kpop  to the extent of  going to their concerts, met them and buying their albums and merchandises ! - ( I went to 2PM concert and  got autograph from FT.Island). But I can say that I am no longer a hardcore fan of K POP, I stop listening to them in the late of 2013. Maybe, Faktor umur kot, hehe.. But sometime I still listen to Big Bang, 2PM and FT.Island (yes, my favourite groups)

The growth of Korean music industry is remarkable, from regional to international. If you have not been following the KPOP trend, let’s read what has changed in the scene.


As I have been listening to K POP for more than +/- 10 years, I would like to write about it in my blog as a memorial service kekeke~  My writing will be based on the whole industry rather on a specific artists, but I'll mention few artists that give major impact on KPOP worlds. Are you ready ?
Music Styles

When I started listen to kpop in the early 2000s, the music style was totally different. Their idol groups were mostly influenced by westerners. Idol groups like  H.O.T, Shinhwa and  Sech Skies were influenced by backstreet boys' style of music while SES is like a Britney Spears of Korea. Back then, the music style of the groups will focused on their group genre, like Shinhwa and H.O.T are dance music while FTTS and SG Wannabe and is more to R&B music.

Nowadays, Idol groups doesn't specific on their music genre, which they are more creative experimenting with different music genre in their album. Now, Korean music is recognized internationally as K POP. Yes! K-pop is a genre now. 

Kpop in the early 2000s used to sound like this:
Look at their fashionnnnn !!


We can't deny that KPOP wave has gotten bigger, trendier and more awesome over time. This also includes their influence in fashion industry. From their hairstyle, makeups, and  to everyday outfits have given a major impact to their fans; k-pop style haircuts, candy colors outfits, crazy mix and match fashion and lots more. K-fashion is now a sensation to this generation.

Generally girl groups have more changes in the term of fashion evolution. They are more daring to the extent of  naked wearing almost nothing on stages. I miss those innocent and cute style of the earlier kpop like debut year of WG, SNSD and KARA. But, people changes, so does KPOP right?

It cannot be denied that notable fashion icons are GD and TOP (sorry for being bias, I still a VIP yaww ~)  If you want to dress up like a real k-pop artists, you can check out ZALORA for their awesome choices of clothing brands. Mix and match like a real fashionista. Just a click , you will be a twin of TOP or as sexy as Hyuna.

Dancing Styles

One of the best part for kpop fans experiences will definitely be the dance!  Throughout the years, kpop dances have been more stylish with unique dance routines. Back then, the dance machine are Bi Rain, Shinhwa 's Minwoo, Se7en and U-Know, but its seem hard nowadays to choose who is the best dancers since every idol groups were talented in dancing.

For the girl groups, I can say that today's' dancing style is more provocative, daring and sexual. I think this is the reason I back-out from kpop. kekeke ~   Their dancing is so hard to watch in front of elders ! 


I think this is one of the inheritances that the first generation idols passed to their hobaes (read juniors). This is what makes the kpop are so much fun and different from other music genre. Each of the idols have their own fandom name, color and even fan chant. Cool right? The growing of internet has made the fans more powerful which can affect their success or failure of a group. Idols popularity are influenced by their fans. I hate that netizen make the perfect seven 2PM becomes six  !  Power of internet, huh?

Let's play a quick quiz.

Red is for ?
VIP is a fandom name of ?  


If you ask me whether K-Pop is better now than before, my answer is both yes and no. The talent level is way up, and there is more variety of music to choose from. K-Pop is globalized now and attracts more listeners and fan each day.Their wave are getting bigger which is not limited to the music styles, but everything about KOREA is a trend. With the Internet, fans can easily track every move of their idols and interactions with idols also more possible  i.e Instagram and twitter . On the other hand, for me the quality of the music itself seems to be down as compared to the early 2000s. Is it cruel if I say that their music sound the same to me ?

Nonetheless, K-Pop music will continue to grow, and it will undergo many changes each year, hopefully for the better. I believe good music will find their listeners.

Here I leave you with a fun video below. Till then, bye =)

 the evolution of kpop from 1994 - 2014

this is my unedited version, you can read this post in more editorial style at Zalora Magazine.

Thank You For Reading This Post ! Komen lah sikit =)

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  1. wow awak entering kpop since era Shinhwa wahhhh. Saya pun kpop hardcore since 2013 until now. Shinhwa yang buatkan saya minta kpop tbh. Legend!Btw bias saya Junjin hewhew

    1. Yupp but now dah tak minat kpop. Just listen to old kpop songs je n few dari fab group. Mmg dah tatau sgt group2 baru skg..heheh..yeay another changjoer, In shinhwa my bias is minwoo..

  2. Hi ucing datang sini ,awak peminat kpop nampak nya .(>.<)

  3. saya pun dulu jer minat lagu2 korea sekarang dah kurang, dulu dengar lagu2 fly to the sky, tvxq zaman2 lagu hug, proud. zaman pun berubah tambah lah benda2 lain, tapi lagu indie diaorang banyak yang best juga, saya suka dengar lagu2 Urban Zakapa.

    1. Itu la.. Mmg jarang sgt nk dengar kpop skg... Kalau dgr lagu korea pun ost jek.. Tu pun xde smp tahap nk donlot dah.. Heheh... Zaman fanatik dah berlalu.

  4. Baby Vox! mmg evelusi kpop ni berkembang agak laju daripada kita...dorang ada peminat mereka yg sendiri

    1. itu lah, pesat bercambah n berkurang ikut peredaran masa

  5. lol . dulu favourite band saya ftisland and ledapple . punyala heartbroken bila woobin keluar ftisland dulu then dia ada keluar single sebelum menyepi terus . lol . yg ledapple tu lagi banyak gantian ahli ntah la . hahahaha . well said , even sekarang banyak group baru but liyana still dengar dr group lama-lama dulu mostly . lol

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