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Friday, April 15, 2016

Moving soon | Assalamulaikum and hello peeps
Just a quick update ! I have been busy this whole week because I'm moving to Shah Alam soon. I have to take care several things before I move there next week. I hope I can adjust well to my new work environment. Yes! I have to expect heavy workload since it is a HQ sob sob sob (TT__TT)  It's excited but sad at the same time because I loved Penang so much and it will be hard for me to visit my parents every week/two weeks like I do now.  I will be missing my parents so dammmmm much and I will miss you too -  char koey teow, pasemboq, nasi kandaq, laksa etc etc (yes, penang is a food heaven)

By the way, I have been using Hidup to help me to find a room. (you can read my review about this website here) There are several things I have to make sure before moving to Shah Alam and its so tiring. I hate moving because I have to pack and unpack things. I always forgot things and this will be bad if it happen this time . For the sake of 5-6 hours traveling, I have to ensure I pack everything ! Nothing can be left or else my pocket will be burned! (I don't want this to happen) 

Since this is my first time working outside Northern region, I hope this hijrah will be a positive ones in my life. I hope it will bring me more success and achievements in my life. 

Till then,
take care readers and wish me luck!
listening to One Direction's Night Changes

Thank You For Reading This Post ! Komen lah sikit =)

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  1. Take care Zety :) I wish you good luck and may your journey will be an exciting one :)

  2. semoga dipermudahkan urusan :)