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Sunday, August 21, 2016

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Assalamualaikum and hello y'all!
Last week, I received 2 days notice  from my boss that...
..I have to go for outstation at Johor Bahru for 2 weeks plus. This trip might extended to one month. OMG! Yes, I will go to JB tomorrow morning.  So, since I will be away for two weeks plus, I thought of updating this blog. But I will also publish a schedule post. Will be happy if you guys will drop by and read it.
What makes me nervous for this outstation is because of the nature work. This is kind of special task Although I felt slightly proud of being selected, but this is definitely a huge responsibility. I will be investigating and preparing accounts for a court case. So this must be done properly cause the account preparer might be called to court (subpoena) .Since I'm still a junior and lack of accounting knowledge and experiences I feel kind of pressure. This job will be handled by two of us. My senior will lead me. But still I feel fuc*ing nervous!! My leader will be someone from another branch office and I barely know her. I hope everything will be just fine and smooth.
Btw, I would like to share with you guys some packing tips for business trip

# Make a packing list

Before you begin packing, take a look at your trip itinerary, make a list of what you’ll need to bring and stick to it. This is important to avoid from forgot things. Just write down a list in your work diary or your smartphones or anything that easy for you to refer.

#Roll it or Fold it

Now that you’ve decided which clothes to pack, it’s time to figure out how to pack them.
There are two main schools of thought when it comes to efficient and wrinkle-free packing: Roll or Flat. Choose which one works best for you.

#Go easy on accessories

Plain and simple: If you’re not prepared to lose it, don’t bring it! For me I only bring my watches and my glasses is my most important accessories, hehehe

6 Items You Should Always Pack For Your Business Trip

#1. Laptop
Feel free to insert "iPad," "Android tablet," or "Windows tablet" into this slot, if you use one of those as your mobile computer of choice. The point is, you need to have one on you. Don't get caught having to rely on others. Save yourself the hassle.

#2. Business cards
This one might seem obvious —you should always have a few of your own cards at the ready when away on business.

#3. A phone charger & Power Bank
Admit it, you're not going to forget to pack your cell phone; it's glued to your palm. But when away on business, your phone becomes even more valuable. It's the fastest, easiest way for your boss or business contact to get in touch with you. So make sure to also pack your phone cord and power bank, just in case you don't have time or access to an outlet to charge up.

#4. Two pair of shoes.
An extended trip might require you pack even more footwear, but keep in mind that you'll need at least two pair for even a short stay. Those two would include a comfortable set for walking around during the day, and a formal ones.
#5. Stationery
It will be a lot easier if you packing your essential stationery to your work nature. As example, I packing my calculator, paper puncher, stapler and etc.

Be sure to have your writing utensils readily accessible, and not deep in a briefcase, for meetings. Having to ask a new associate for something to write with will lead to an awkward pause in conversation and it could also be perceived as unprofessional on your part.

#6. Breath mints.
Don't pass along a strong odor along with your business card. To ward off a foul mouth, carry breath mints to chew at regular intervals and particularly after meals. And stick to mints, not gum, so that you don't make smacking sounds while talking.

Safe Travels!

Thank You For Reading This Post ! Komen lah sikit =)

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  1. breath mint yer.. lama pula tak guna.. btw semoga berjaya.. :)

  2. Terkejut tergempar tetiba kena outstation and for a month. Lama tu.. Hope awak okay saja di sana nanti. Kerja baik2 ye =)

  3. hhee..i selalu lupa breath mint..hemm thank you for sharing,i should prepare macam ni juga untuk elakkan tertinggal apa-apa,safe travel dear.and hope u enjoy your work there!

  4. congrats ! and good luck !..may evyrthing going smoothly as planned =)

  5. zety dah kerja best lah ada work journal and pergi business trip. ni belajar lagi, jangankan work journal, assignment pun kelaut hahaha

  6. May Allah ease your journey zety. ^^

  7. Aw, this would be useful once i started working :D Hehe. Have a safe trip dear!