What Korean Drama to Watch in 3rd Quarter of 2016

Thursday, September 15, 2016

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Annyeonghaseyo my cinggu my comrades !
Another series for quarterly Korean Drama review. If you missed my previous reviews for this series post,  you can click it part I | part II or by simply click the K-Wave labels for Korean related contents.

There are abundant of  Korean dramas airing from July - September 2016 (3rd quarter of 2016). But you don't have enough time to watch all ? No worries, here is a review without a spoiler!
W Two World
W - Two Worlds
Airing : 2016-Jul-20 to 2016-Sep-14 (just recently ended)

What can I say about this drama is that it has a fresh concept!  I know it has been a while for Korean drama to have a time slip genre, but this one is like a new dimension for a time slip genre. Kudos to the writer for a brilliant ideas.

Although I feel that the plot is kinda draggy and repeated at one point, but thankfully it don't go worst. I still feel curious of what might happen next. For acting wise, I think Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo acting are just mediocre here. But nonetheless I rated this dramas as one of a must watch drama for 2016. Lee Jong Suk is already a heartthrob in korean drama land, so I guess you don't want to miss this drama. 

38 tast force
38 Task Force
Airing : 2016-June-17 to 2016-Aug-06

This is a brilliant drama. I love it. This drama depicts today's reality where money is above everything. If you love the swindler/tricks theme drama like Japanese' Liar Game or English' Now You See Me, maybe this drama is for you. I like Song In-Guk acting here but I don't think  we need Sooyoung's role here. Lols.
Just short words, I love this drama.

Maybe I can request for Season 2 for this drama PD-nim?

doctors kdrama
Airing : 2016-June-20 to 2016-Aug-23

A good rating drama! I am not a fan of Park Shin Hye but I like her acting here. Not a typical weak heroine or sweet girl like she always play. Honestly I was so excited during the 2/3 episodes of this drama. But unfortunately I got bored in the later episodes. Maybe because the plot is quite similar to several medical drama that I've watched before and the plot and conflict was quite boring and predictable. 

I have to agree with one of the viewers of this drama that this drama was becoming one of the big hit this year because everyone love the casts. It is a huge success because they just telling a simple story about healing of human, love, forgiven and life. it doesn’t have the unnecessary angst and separate between a couple like most k-dramas and also we did not require people to be monster, fantasy story etc. Just a simple story that happens in our daily life. 

lets fight ghost
Let's Fight Ghost
Airing : 2016-July-11 to 2016-Aug-30

Another drama that I managed to finish it on time without delay! This is teenage drama so the plot is very light and entertaining. This drama is about a man who can see and fight with ghost. Not as heavy as Doctors and Uncontrollably Fond , so I choose this drama to release my stress. I love the chemistry between Ok Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun. They such a cutie pie! Although Taecyeon's acting is still need to be improved, but it doesn't hurt the drama at all. 
So if you want a light and entertaining drama, you might want to watch this. 

uncontrolablly fond
Uncontrollably Fond
Airing : 2016-July-06 to 2016-Sep-08

Who is here a fan of Kim Woo Bin or Suzy? I like Kim Woo Bin but this drama still can't catch my attention. Maybe when I read the synopsis I already predicted the same cliche and typical story in korean drama. I did give a try for 2 episodes but still it can't inject any excitement for me. 
So, who finished watching this drama? What is your thoughts? Do I have to give this drama a second chance? Let me know in the comment section below.

park bo gum
Love In The Moonlight
Airing: 2016-Aug-22 to 2016-Oct-18

Love In The Moonlight also known as Moonlight Drawn By Clouds is a romantic drama set in a historical background. I can say that this drama is similar to one of my favourite drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal ( my love at the first sight- Yoo Ah In)  I just have one drama experience with Park Bo Gum before this which is Reply 1988 therefore seeing him in Love in The Moonlight did excites me a little bit.

But I just don't understand why Lee Young is too drawn towards Hong Ra On like a man fall in love. In the early episode I can already see Lee Young smile like a "paboo" when thinking about Ra On even though  he don't know that Ra On is a girl.

So far, I don't get so hype about this drama. So, I put this drama on hiatus.

scarlet heart ryeo
Scarlet Heart - Ryeo 

Airing: 2016-Aug-29 to 2016-Oct-31

I know this drama get so much negative feedback and the rating is not doing great either. But can I say that this is just my cup of tea? LOL. I somehow know why this drama is not doing great in rating despite casting a great actor like Lee Jun Ki who has long list of successful drama. For a history based drama, Korean viewer expected to have a good quality of acting instead just a mediocre acting from the casts. Beside casting a bunch of flower boys, I think Korean viewers want a real acting in a history based drama. I must agree that some of the princes lack in acting skills. IU also get a lot of criticism as a lead heroine. I think you have to accept IU as a heroine in order to watch this drama otherwise it might turn you off. As for me I think she is cute here. So I accept her as a female lead .

In term of directing, I think this drama is different from historical-based drama that I always watch. This is more like a modern style drama directing. Uhhh! I'm not a broadcasting people but I just don't feel the historical drama vibes in this drama. Their hairstyle and the princes behavior also don't match the usually historical drama genre.

But, but, but I really enjoy this drama and excited waiting for the new episodes. I don't care the rating. I just hope to see how IU, a modern girl who already know the history make use of her knowledge, besides just being a girl who loved by all princes.

Do you have any other drama within this time frame ( July to September 2016) that is worth to try? Let me know in the comment section below.

Thank You For Reading This Post ! Komen lah sikit =)

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