Tak boleh makan daging korban kalau kesian?

Monday, September 12, 2016

Assalamualaikum and salam Eid-Adha to all muslim around the world!

And hello to my non muslim readers. 

Muslim might already know that the history of Idul Adha follows the story of the faithful Ibrahim a.s (may peace be upon him) to sacrifice his son, Ismail a.s  in act of obedience to Allah S.W.T. Eid Adha falls on the 10th day of Zulhijjah (the 12 month in the Islamic calender). This festival also marks the end of the hajj. That's a little bit of the history.

Sacrifice. I have a lot to sacrifice. My laziness. Complains and ungratefulness. Jealousy and envy... and other bad behaviors of mine. errr...is it sacrifice? Wrong choice of words maybe... Nvm, I just hope I can change to a better me. 

Btw, this year of Eid Adha is different from my previous ones. This is the first time I celebrate it without my parents. I am glad my sister come visit me in Shah Alam and accompany me on my Eid Adha celebration. We drove to PKNS to buy some ketupat and rendang and  kuih raya for tommorow. I felt a bit melancholic when we recites takbir raya after magrib prayer at PKNS. I am away from my hometoooownnnn!! 

What excites me the most about Eid Adha a.k.a raya korban of course the meatssss! I still remember following my dad and cousins to mosque to witness how they perform korban. People always told me to not pity the cows (cow / any livestock for qurban) because I cannot eat them when if I feel that ways. As a child I never question that, but as I grow older I keep asking whether this is valid. I Googled few sites for the answer.

Betul ke daging korban tak boleh dimakan kalau kita rasa kesian? 

According to JAKIM there is no such thing. You can eat the meat as long as it halal and according to Islamic slaughter principal. Daging korban tak boleh dimakan oleh orang yang niat nazar korban dan bukan Islam sahaja.

But I can relate why "orang dulu-dulu" always told us not to pity the slaughtered animals. This is because korban is not an act of violence or cruelty to animals, but it is an act of obedience to Allah. After all, Islamic way of slaughtering animal is the best way and do not oppress the animals. So why to pity right?

For more info, you guys can google and read it from JAKIM or other religious sites about Eid Adha.  
See you in next post and happy eidul adha everyone!

So, how you celebrate your Eid Adha? What sacrifices have you made? 

Thank You for reading this post, komen lah sikit =)

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