How To Choose A Blog Post

Sunday, December 04, 2016

how to choose blog topic
What's up? So here is December again! Means that we are already at the end of the year. Time is ticking so fast that I afraid. Nonetheless I hope all of you are doing just fine.

It's great to have a blog. But maintaining a blog is never an easy task. I always dozing off in front of my laptop thinking about what to write. After that it will takes another hours to write an entry. I may have hundreds of ideas in my head, but to put it in wording on a blank "white-post page" is never an easy task!

Unless your blog is strictly for your own enjoyment, you might want to gain readers. So, it's important to consider what others might want to read.I facing the same struggles as you do. So, I thinking about sharing some tips that might help you as its been a great help for me so far.

Below are some tips that can help you to decide on your blog topic.

How to Choose a Blog Post

# 1. Choose A Topic That You Are Interested In / Have Authority in

I bet you know what you are interested in. Write something that you are interested in so that you can share from your point of view. To write about something that you have no/not much interest in is so difficult because you don't have much access to that topic. Your writing will somehow appear pretentious to your readers or you will find it hard to finish the post. Whatever your blog is gonna be about, don't forget to make it about you. Thinking about other people and writing what others want to read is good, but exhausting. If you don’t have a genuine interest in what you’re writing about, it will be a drag and a burden. It's not the best way to guarantee long and happy life for your blog!

#2. Pick A Niche

 I have read in many blogging tips post that having a blog niche is a must in order to stand out. Instead of just writing whatever comes to our mind, try to write around a general topic. (This is called your niche.) Not only will it be easier to stay on task, it’ll be a lot easier for our readers to track.

Many have said that a blog niche is important because its provides focus and direction, making our blog’s purpose easily understood and defined, not only by us, but by our visitors as well. For me, choosing a blog niche is difficult. This is why I write in random general topic. However, I try to narrowing down my blog post to 4 categories; blogging, lifestyle, k-wave and personal.

#3. Are You  A "Hobby Writer" ?

 Having a blog niche is great but not having one is not bad either. You're writing whenever your ideas kick in or just - when it's free time, there might be no need to dig deeper. Just write about your favorite! Be it your cats, your first love experience or about your baking class.  If you are happy with what you have, let your community grow, be consistent and be there. There is no rush and there is no need to create one! Go with the flow and let it be.  Just write about what you love. (Refer point no.1)

Just because everyone around is trying to make blogging such a big deal for them, doesn't mean that you although have to do so.

#4. If you're willing to get more into that

You can always find monetary reasons for your blog to grow. But once again - it's not only about one goal - money. It's about the option to grow your blog into the next level, therefore, ''meet'' more new people, get new readers, get new cooperation offers, widen your horizons and maybe build a business from it

#5. Be a Problem Solver

What do people get frustrated about? What they search in the internet?   People normally looking solutions for their problems in the internet. So you can write about that solutions; blogging tips, recipes, product reviews and etc. Solutions to other people's problem is a great idea for a blog post. But remember to look back at point no #1.

#6.Teach Them Something New

What would people love to do if only they knew how? Maybe you have some life hacks that will help them in daily chores or you have easy way for saving money or unique math formula that makes it easy to understand. A lot of people have projects around the house but aren’t sure where to start. You can teach them!

#7. Readers want to be entertained

Do you have a fascinating story? Do you lead a wildly interesting life? Are you outrageously funny? Everyone needs down time and plenty of blogs exist purely to entertain. I’d say this is a trickier path to pursue since there’s no shortage of entertainment to be had on the internet, in magazines and on TV, but it’s doable. The key is providing something totally unique. I always enjoy reading travelogue posts. I entertained by their unexpected events  and beautiful photos. I like posts about movies/dramas review too because I like to know from their pov.

#8. Rock your hero/ heroine-ism 

Even if you’re only pretty good, but not a hero / heroine, you’re still a hero /heroine to someone. Find that thing about which you have a decent amount of know-how and go with it. Write it like a hero. Put your own recipe and be your own chef to your contents. Chances are there are others who will appreciate what you have to say. So let's rock your hero/heroine-ism . Sly! hahaha

What are some ways that you come up with great topics? Let me know in the comment section below.

Thank You For Reading This Post ! Komen lah sikit =)

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  1. such a great post, Zety! you just gave me an idea hehe ^^

    Lenne Zulkiflly

    1. Thank you lenne.

      I'm already excited to read about you idea :)

  2. Hihi suka tips ni, best-best. I write as a hobby, so takdelah niche khas , dan blog pun tak berinformasi sgt, kehkehkeh. Tapi suka utk jadi problem solver, rasa puas bila tgk keyword blog org cari maklumat dan end up singgah blog kita :D

    1. betul betul, zety pun suka jgk check keyword kalau org singgah blog kita cari apa yg dorang nk tahu

  3. I do all of these! But one thing that i swear by when writing blog posts kan is to write what i want to read. kalau i rasa macam post tu i tak suka baca or boring, i tak tulis lah sebab i sendiri tak suka baca so macam mana orang lain nak suka, betul tak? hehe.

    1. true! zety pun tulis apa yang zety nak tahu and rasa syok nak kongsi... kalau kita sndr pun boring apatah lagi yg lain...

      & i never get bored when reading your blog post!

  4. Oh zety, thank you for the post!

  5. Thank for sharing tips :)

    sy kalo tulis ikut ape yg time tu dalam fikiran.. kalo masa tu ttbe nak buat review produk apa yg ada dpn mata benda tu la kena direview.. kalau nk buat tutorial pula apa yg terpk tu la dibuatnya.. hehe.. tpi yg penting kena berada di search engine la, keyword tu kena betul and selalu got visitor from search engine.. :)

    menulis ni hanya untuk mencari keseronokkan dan kepuasan.. dan bila dapat bantu orang lain berdasarkan penulisan kita tu, dia punya seronok tu.. fuh.. :D

    1. Tq hasif ,,

      Most of the time sy pun tulis bila idea dtg tiba2..

      Tapi still xpandai bab keyword n search engine rank sgt ni..
      Tatau mcm mana nk tgok adakh artikel yg sy tulis baik dari segi seo , keyword semua tu lah...

  6. These are really good tips. You're good!

    1. Tq,, happy if this post can help you

  7. I couldn't agree more of all your points. There are right and I am trying to practice it as well. Thanks ! This is helpful to me.

    1. Tq anys,

      Im glad this post benefits u

  8. Siqah tulis blog sebab suka as hobby. Entri pun ikut dan je dan takde niche khas. Cuma siqah suka tulis review jela kotttt.. Yang lain tu tak pandai sangat. Review pun ikut suka. Haha.

    Setuju dengan zety, tak kisahlah kalau kita jarang update blog asalkan apa yang kita update adalah apa yang kita suka :D

    Love this words "Just because everyone around is trying to make blogging such a big deal for them, doesn't mean that you although have to do so"

    Thanks for sharing dear. I love this post :)

    1. Tq siqah for loving this post.

      Yupp siqah teruskan menulis ikut kemampuan sndr...