Recap 2016 And 2017 Blogging Goals

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

blogging goals

December 2016 is coming to an end. So I think of sharing my thoughts about my blogging journey as well as my next year goals. I like reading 2017 blogging goals from my fellow bloggers. They really have a nice plan for their blog tho. I wish them good luck and continues success for their blog.
2016 Recaps

  • Started blogging in March 2016. To be honest, I still cannot believe that this blog have run for 10 months now. I considered 10 months is quite a long time, considered my personality. Even my diary cannot last for 3 months! * pat my shoulder for a job well done.
  • Started blogging as a self-challenge. But now I am more fond of my blog. Even though its nothing fancy about my blog theme, contents and etc, but I still proud of my blog. Reading back my writing is somehow like listening to my all time favorite songs. I can see how I progress bit by bit in my writing. Sometime I giggle at my bad grammar, my childish opinion and this and that. But I can feel my breathing in my writing. *trying to sounds like a passionate writer. Lols.
  • I never knew that getting a first comment on my blog post after few postings will makes me so happy! Yes I can be happy with just a comment. Why? because you're my favourite! #ciaciacia Can you continue making me happy? 👉👈
  • My post about  high school kdrama is the most seach keywords in my blog and have the highest view with 41589 pageviews at the time I write this entry. Thank you for liking this post guys!
  • "Follow-me-I-follow-you-back" I have done this method that some of you might called as pathetic or whatever name it is...and I never ashamed of it because this is how I first started my blog. I rarely do this now but I am not condemn anyone who still doing it.  
    P/s You can leave me some comment after following my blog in my chat-box, I might follow you back.
  • Getting few events invitations from Nuffnang, collaboration offers and making some money from my writing is amazing because I write 3 pages of answers for Law papers but never getting paid!!   So I started to believe in my self and feel more motivated to keep on blogging. When your Nuffnang wallet stated RM 1.00 but you feel like RM1000 is credited to your account. You got that feeling? Whoever clicking my ads are angels. Btw, you can read about my blogging achievements here
  • Joining segments, and building bloggership is amazing. On my first few months of blogging, I feel kinda desperate to try to fit in bloggers community. They seem to have their own community already. But as of today, I feel welcomed. To be listed as favorite blog by some of them voluntarily is such an honor. My bowing thank you, will never be enough to reciprocate their kindness. If I have to list their names here, I afraid I might missed out some names, so you know who you are. *virtual hugs*

  Blogging Goals for 2017

  I don't have anything fancy like buying my own domain or taking photography class for good flat lays pictures or what. I just have few things that I would like to achieve in 2017 for my blog.
01     As I almost hit 3000 pageviews in 2016, can I dream of 5000 pageviews in 2017? I care about my pageviews. Can I say that blogstat is KPI for my blog? You may agree to disagree. I don't care if the blogstat is giving shit or fake counts but still I hope I can hit 5000 pageviews per day.

02     I would love to gain few more loyal readers. Even with my absence, they still liking my blog and waiting for my new post. This is the great thing ever for every bloggers right?

03     Enjoying blogging at my own pace. I don't want to force my self too much . Maybe at least one entry with good content per week. But wait, how do I know that my content is good? Any ideas? Hmmmm... Maybe from comments (conversation) with my blog readers? So, my next goal is to always communicate with my blog readers in comment section. Can you join me?

04    Communicate with readers more often, so that we can become closer and I can understand your pov on the contents I posted.

Collaborate with more people! 
 Be it advertiser, organization or bloggers. Maybe featured post from other bloggers is kinda cool. So fellow bloggers, if you want to be a guest writer in my blog or want to do collaboration just hello me at okay?

06      Cash out my Ad sense at least twice or thrice in 2017? 😁😁😎😎

In short, I hope my blog will be much better , cooler and more success next year.

What is your blogging goals in 2017? Let me know in the comment section bellow.
Thank You For Reading This Post ! Komen lah sikit =)

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  1. I love spitoutkata! Semoga tercapai semua aim 2017, hihi. Happy kan bila ada loyal reader yang keep follow up dgn insta and fb kita bila blog lama menyepi...sayang semua followers & readers.

    1. Thank you thank you thank you! Your words "love spitoutkata" realy boast my energy to write more !!

      I think I will sleep with a smile tonight...heheh

  2. i always love ur entry..good luck for ur 2017 blogging...u r amazing writer. ;)i always waiting ur next entry...and i know u always busy n busy..same like me..but now i really enjoy writing in blog..hehe

    1. Thank you for always supporting me,,,

      I hope we both can do better in 2017


  3. I will always read your post. Hehe, u started your blog with good content and i can see you shine next year. Good luck ! I hope all your dreams come true!

    1. Thank you atheera,
      I like your blog too!
      I read your blog regularly too n jealous that you visited korea recently right??

      Btw, hope we can do better in 2017 blogging journey

  4. I love your blog!! Looking forward for more good reading next year.. :3

    1. tq for loving my blog.. really appreciate it

  5. Zety, tho, I never met you in real life, but gal, how could I miss you, when you are not posting any post in a week? hmm? In other way, I love your blog, zety! :)

    Wishing you the best, Zety! Will always waiting for you next blog post :)

    1. ikr, i also feels like we've been knowing each other in real life...

      not to mention, your blog is my compulsory visit whenever im on the blog

  6. xtrfkir lg psl 2017..uhuh truk kan yui ni

    1. hahaha, xpe..boleh fikir lagi utk 2017,,

  7. I hope you have an amazing 2017!

  8. Siqah tak komen lagi eh entri ni? Hii.

    Siqah suka your blog zety :) Sentiasa ada je topik untuk dibaca. Dan dalam 10 bulan, zety dah capai 200k PV! Banyak tuuuuu! Congrats dear ��

    Harap tahun ni lebih baik untuk zety :)

    1. Tq siqah for commenting..
      Hope we both can be better blogger in'2017