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Tuesday, January 03, 2017


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Is there a thing as too much drama to watch? 2016 has been a great year for all kdrama lovers. In a great year of dramas, it hard to pick a favorite. But here is a little post mortem on drama airing in 2016. I scheduled this entry to be published on 31 December 2016, but I carelessly forgot to click publish button. So Happy New year to all my blog readers. May 2017 bring all of us new beginning and adventurous  along with health, wealth and happiness!

Must watch korean drama 2016 

Best Drama

Signal. I love everything about this drama from the impeccable acting to the plot. This show has a solid package. I enjoyed every minutes of the show. It was an unforgettable drama for 2016. It has an addictive plot, perfectly paced, rich of emotions and the best suspense-building. It’s a genuinely thrilling drama to watch. The interaction between a past detective with a present detective through a magical walkie-talkie to solve cold cases has successfully glued me to this drama from the beginning till the end. I keep asking what would happen if they change the past through the present. Will A die in present if they changed the past? What will happen to B ? What's the effect of the change? Will it alter the life of the innocent? I keep asking these questions.The writer was great in manipulating time of space. It was a riveting drama that barreled towards the finish line without ever slowing down. The plotting were very tight but every characters got sufficient air to breath. The pace and quality of this drama is never declined toward the end of episodes. Its packs of heart-racing twist and turns which makes me engrossed in every minutes of this drama. I remember, waiting for the next week episodes is like a week of torture for me.I think no other drama able to constantly deliver thrills as good as Signal. Some of you might hate an open ended ending but I like it to be a cliffhanger so that I can wish for a sequel. In short, Signal worth to be the best drama in 2016.

Honorable mentions: Remember , Romantic Doctor Kim , Squad 38

Best Historical/ Saeguk Drama

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. Some or many might disagree with me for Scarlet Heart Ryeo be the best period drama in 2016. I just can't name others. Historical genre is one of my favorite genre but 2016 is not a very great year for saeguk. Scarlet Heart Ryeo is not the best saeguk drama I ever watch. It was a hot mess in every way but I just like this drama and eagerly waiting for the next episodes. This drama have many holes that the writer fails to answer my many questions. But I mysteriously like this drama. Since Scarlet Heart Ryeo is oddly voted as the best period drama, let me name another drama which I have high anticipation; Hwarang. I know this show is not yet complete and still in the early stage to give some merits. There is only so much to be said when the show isn't over yet. But the story of Hwarang and King Jinheung of Shilla Dynasty itself is already very interesting to know. I was curious about a group named Hwarang when I watch Quen Seon Duk. I am happy that they produced a drama based on legendary Hwarang. The first 4 episodes was a really good episodes and I eagerly excited to follow the show and would like to know how the writer will adapt historical events into this show. They already lay down a nice 4 episodes for me. I felt curious of what might happen next. With the king disguise as Hwarang, revenge to be taken, love triangle, bromance... ohhh I have a lot of expectations for Hwarang.

Honorable mentions: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, Mirror of The Witch

Best Romance / Comedy Drama

Jealousy Incarnate. I watch this drama with my great skills of marathon. The script was fun, the characters were original and I like the chemistry between the leads in this drama. When I first watching this drama, I feel skeptical and thinking that this drama would be another cliché romcom drama. But, Jealousy Incarnate getting funnier in each episodes. Even though the main hero were diagnosed with a heavy and rare disease but the message were delivered very sweetly and in an amazing way. The serious dose of comedy make it a lightweight drama and easy to watch. I laugh hard at Hwa Shin characters. He is a jerk ass but he later becomes a cute wounded puppy who needed love. His thoughts, action and behaviors is very funny even though he is described as a cool anchor by his colleagues. Go Hyo Jin successfully delivered her character in this drama again. She always have great chemistry with her co-stars. Bromance + bronemey in this drama makes this drama even more interesting. I think this is the best comedy drama for 2016.

Honorable mentions: Something About 1%, Please Comeback Mister

Best Youth Drama

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo have a normal storyline, nothing extraordinary from any other school/teenage drama, but it reminds me of how good youth can be. To be honest, there is no much admiration for this show. Plot was minimal, pace was leisurely and they only centered the story on Kim Bok Joo and Jung Jun Hyung. I am fond with Kim Bok Joo character in this drama. She is a realistic character. She can be the best girlfriend but she can be a selfish person too. She know how to be jealous and angry. She has personality dilemma; ideal type of a woman she wanted to be vs her Olympic dreams. One more thing, chemistry between Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung is seriously no jokes! They looks so compatible together and make lovely couple and very likeable. The backup story of friendship, teammates and family love have make this drama more enjoyable to watch.

Honorable mention: Let's Fight Ghost, Replay 1988

Best First Half Drama

W: Two World. When this drama first aired, I was like 99.99% confirm that it will be among my top favorite drama for 2016 because the concept is new and refreshing. I have a serious adrenaline rush because each episodes continually give me the suspense and proved to be entirely at different level than any other drama that I've watched. I felt the writer was brilliant with his idea. How can he imagine to bring a manga characters into a real world? His imagination must be at different level. And then, the second half happen. I felt something is wrong. The writer fails to continue the excitement. With a repetitive plot, it just steered the show in a wrong directions. But W, is definitely not a failure. It just the fun is declining or maybe I should blame my high expectation for them since they are doing so well at first.

Honorable mentions: The K2, Cheese in the Trap, Descendant of the Sun

Best Actor

Lee Je Hoon (Signal)
. For me, it’s easier to recognize who have a bad acting rather than a good ones. I would like to choose Yoo Ah In in Six Flying Dragon (SFD) for the best acting but I think SFD is more fitted in 2015 drama.Oh wait, I remember that I always praised Lee Je Hoon' substance acting in Signal. I like how he portrayed Park Hae Young in Signal. He is great in delivering his emotions. His voice projection is perfect that I can feel the intensity of the emotions he wants to deliver. I still remember his acting in Fashion King and how I emphatic him. He is not doubt a great actor. His talents is just as good as his face. And his voice is sexy too! =p

Honorable mention: Jo Jung Suk (Jealousy Incarnate)

Best Actress

Park Shin Hye (Doctors Crush)
. I am never a fan of Park Shin Hye. But I like how she played the role of Yoo Hye Jung in Doctor Crush. She has different role than her typical week and poor girl. She is tough and showed us her amazing fighting skills. It’s good to watch different side of Park Shin Hye in this drama. Perhaps action drama for her next project is a good idea?

Honorable mention: Song Hye Kyo (Descendant of the Sun)

Best Couple

kimbokjooXjungjoonhyung (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)
. Chemistry between Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung is so strong that I wish they are real. They are so sweet, adorable. I love how natural their acting is. A lovely couple with a sweet and innocent first love feelings.

Honorable mentions: yoonshinjinXkangnoyeon (Descendents of the Sun), seodaeyongXyoonmyeongjoo (Descendents of the Sun

Best Bromance

goblinXgrimreaper (Goblin).
The immortal bromance.I got all excited when I watch Goblin. I love the casts, cinematography, story, OST and all. But when it enter second half of the drama, I feel that the plot is slowing down, and Eun Tak charactrer is somehow annoyed me a bit. Even the romance between Goblin and the goblin bride is great, but I cannot overlook the bromance chemistry between Goblin and the Grim Reaper. I can 99% say that, their scenes steal the show.

Honorable mentions: yooshijinXseodaeyoung (Descendents of the Sun)

Best Character

Kang Chul( W- Two World)
. This is the most innovative and exciting character in dramaland so far. Kang Chul is a fictional character created by a webtoon artist with a strong sense of justice. He is so desperate to find the murderer of his family. He is no longer just a webtoon hero when he come to live. He manipulates both world so that he can have the ending that he desired.

Best OST

Dream by Bolbbalgan4 (Hwarang)
. I falling hard for this OST of Hwarang. I literally raping the replay button. For me, the melody is so classic, feeling like 2000s. When first I heard this song at the end of episode 3, I wanted to listen to the whole song. I have never download any OST for ages, but this song is different. I must download it. I can feel the feeling of longing for someone when I listen to this song without knowing the lyrics. 2016 have many beautiful OST but I like Dream by bolbalgan4 the most.

Biggest Waste of Talents

Jisung (Entertainer)
. I love Jisung. He is one of my favorite actor. I cannot help myself questioning why he is here in Entertainer. I have no complaint for his acting. Entertainer is not a worst drama after all, but it is not a drama for an actor like Jisung. His appearance in Entertainer make it feel so wrong. He should not be here. He need more challenging roles so that I can appreciate his talents more. He have so many brilliant pieces like Secret Love, The Great Seer and his previous stellar performance in Kills Me Heals Me. Entertainer is like a step backward from his outstanding performances.

How about you? Which drama come out in your "best" list for 2016?

Thank You For Reading This Post ! Komen lah sikit =)

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  1. OMG! I thought I was the only one thought that Ji sung should be given a better role, since, he is a great actor. It just that, Entertainer is not that really in a 'wow' level for him. :)

    I have never watch Jealousy Incarnate yet, I guess I should :D
    anyway, Happy New Year, Zety! <3

    1. Ikr, jisung is at different level...entertainer is not his league.

      Fatina, you should watch jealousy incarnate. Funnehhh

      Yupp happy new year to u too


      Hahaha. I stopped watching that drama eventhough I love Ji Sung a lot!


    3. Same with me, i stop watching entertainer

  2. I had only watched W and Goblin based from your list but some of them are in my waiting list.. XD

  3. kimbok joo!!!


    patiently waiting for new eps

  4. I watched all the drama you mentioned but so far my best would be goblin :)

    I totally agree with you on ji sung. it's too bad that he went for entertainer which didn't show his true talent. I loved him in kill me heal me.

    1. ikr, jisung better choose a good drama next

  5. I watched few early ep of signal then too caught out in life at that moment that i abandoned the drama. i know that it is a great one but right now i'm in mood of a light, romantic drama like Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. hehe. Should really start again once i finished all my current drama :)

    1. yupp WFKBJ is so light and enjoyable..and yess you should continue watching signal

  6. I don't have any comment about KPop because I don't really watch them. But, sometimes I do watch because of my friends and yes I found that I'm enjoying it. Haha

    1. hehehe.. this is not kpop dear,

      btw, you can try watching if u have nothing else to watch

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I really wish they proceed with the second season for Signal T_T


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Baru siqah tahu kewujudan drama Signal daripada Hanis dan Zety pulak tulis drama tu dalam best drama. Nak kena marathon tengok nampaknya nie :D

    I love Korean drama a lot!! Rasa tak lengkap kalau tak tengok tau. Mesti ada je drama korea yang tengok. Hihi.

    Siqah tak suka sangat drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo tapi siqah suka gila dengan OSTnya. Best sangat! Paling banyak habis duit kat OST drama ni. Haha.

    I love love bromance in Goblin. Cute ����

  11. Wow, this is great list. I haven't watch most of the dramas you mentioned.
    Thank you!

  12. Agree with almost everything! I dropped Entertainer at Episode 8-9, because I found it boring. Thought of sticking thru because of Jisung (he's like one of my fav actor) but the plot didn't excite me at all. I really hope he will pick a better project in the future.

    As for me, I prefer TVN's drama! Reply 1988, Signal, Cheese In The Trap.. etc :D

    ieyra h. | blog

  13. anis tgk entertainer tu sampai ep3 saja, tak best :3

  14. 2016 was INDEED a great year for all kdrama lovers! There's too many good dramas to watch, too many hot oppa(s) to fangirl at, too many love story to cry over, and too many couple to ship! If I have to pick a favorite, mine is Reply 1988. #TeamJungHwan forever!