Blog, Syndrome and Exciting February !!

Friday, January 13, 2017

January, 12th at 22: 40

This is a live writing entry. I will not delete or re edit my entry.  Sorry for any spelling errir error. See, already got one. Writing usung my phone. Daymmm another spelling error. Itshard! I just bored and dont know what to do so tadaa a new draft.

I dont have image for this entry yet. Let me add what I have in my phone. 

Nutella banana tart
most tempting picture in my phone at 23:02 
Let me be a little poetic ; life is full of temptations and can be delicious just like nutella banana tarts. Yuks.I failed to be a poet. 

January was a busy month for me. Fully occupied with work and buyz busy planning for february. I am so looking forward for February yaww. Why? Later I will tell.
I see many of my blogger friends already have their own bloglovin'. I am thinking of having one too. I know that sign up is easy but pardon my lazy-ass. Since I am thinking of upgrading my blog, I should have bloglovin' account right?

Another things I want to do with my blog is to install disquss comment box. I have been using disquss since ages coz I like commenting in online kdrama website like or .  But since I created another disquss account with my blog email, I think I should fully utilized it. I like disquss because it's more freindly for discussion. However, I debating whether to install disquss coment box or not. I have been  experiencing long loading time in few blogs that using disquss box. My readers might faces difficulties if this happen in my blog. Maybe I should put option, so that my readers can choose which comment box they would like to use? Well, I have to sit down and analyse my blog loading time, mobile view, and few things before install disquss.

Lol! Spelling errors are everywhere now. Grammar errors are cause by my ignorant not typos.. lol

Right now, I am laying on my bed typing this entry. I don't feel like switch on my laptop cause I had a long day at office already. My kdrama stock is to be watch on this weekend cause I want to prevent weekend  outing because weekend outing always makes my purse empty. I am on saving mode for February.

Virtual syndrome.

Another second lead syndrome. What's that? Term used by korea drama faans
Who else following drama Hwarang, put your hands up! You know second lead syndrome is hazardous? Cause you know they will never be together.  Just brave up your heart coz you will encounter many heartbroken moments. Your OTP is never to win. Lol. I know I have been affected by second lead syndrome again in Hwarang. My last second lead syndrome was in Scarlet Heart Ryeo but it don't go wild since the writer make him turned bad. I think this time will be a huge second lead syndrome. I like Sun Woo first but growing to like Ji Dewi more. This is called second lead syndrome.  I am morw morw more happy watching Ji Dwi with Aro and secretly praying that the writer will listen to my wishes of making Ji Dwi and Aro end up together.

Ok. I will continue this entry tomorrow. Its already 23:33 ! I have to get my sleeping beauty.

Oh hi
I am back again. Friday 13th, 13:57.
Just done having my lunch.
I will keep this entry not too long, cause it will be boooring!


I am so looking forward to February.
Its my birthday. I actually hate to add another year to my age, but this year I want to ake my birthday different than my previous birthday. Can you guess?
Ok done typing now I want to publish. Its 14:01!

Thank You For Reading This Post ! Komen lah sikit =)

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  1. I dont have bloglovin but thinking to sign it up but I dont think Im going to use it... & about the disqus, it is really important but to have it on blog, I am thinking about the cons of having it. Not all bloggers are disqus users so the probability for them to sign up is quite narrow & that makes you lost maybe some or maybe banyak komen

    1. Tq for yoir opinion on the cons.

      Yuppp I agree about the cons. But I have come across a blog that give readers option which type of comment box they want to use. If I want to use disquss I will use both comment box

  2. just like azreen said, disqus makes commenting easier for those who a disqus account but to those who don' might be better to stick on the usual commenting system since it can also accept non blogger comments

    btw, what kind of plan are you thinking doing for your blog?

    1. Maybe I shoud just stick with my current commenting system..

      Hahha, plan? Nothing big to call a plan. Just wanted to change my

  3. Ouch! that nutella banana tart looks yummy

  4. goodluck for your saving money mode :)

  5. Sedapnyaaa banana nutella tart tu, both my favourite.
    Rasa mcm nak pasang disqus comment juga tapi tak reti install yang boleh guna both type of comments kat blog,tak jumpa tutorial yg menjadi,hahaha.

    1. Another cons of disquss kadang kadang loading time dia forever especially if view dengan mobile...

  6. To be frank, I would suggest you to either stick with current comment system or probably, do both as you'd been thinking.. I had difficulties signing to disqus before, I couldn't verify disqus at all till I googled how to solve the internet issue, playing with the laptop's function, baru boleh verify.. So it would definitely difficult for some people.. ^

    1. Thank you dear for your thoughts..

      Comment section is dedicates for readers so I have to listen to their opinion...

      I really have to read more about disquss before install to my blog.

      I want the easier way for my dear readers.


  7. I love disqus and how it look kind of belong together in my blog. Bahaha. But disqus offer diverse account that can be sign in with just one click. Im using it now cause many of my blog friends also using it. And i am one of ur blog friend! (like that bring any differ). Haha. But its up to you and majority of your reader tho. ^^

    Now im crving for banana choco cakes. :3

    1. I am a disquss user myself but sometime loading times really make me give up to leave some comments after reading their entry... Especially when I read from my phone..

      Btw, tq.. I will look here n there for disquss before really install it or just stick with my current commenting system

  8. kalau crita babblog, ada bnda yg kena yui betulkan kat blofg yui.

    kt sama, busy di januari =)
    tp xde planning ke februari.

  9. I've been using Disqus for quite a while now, yep I agree with you that it takes some time to load and it does not really sync with Blogger comments (at least in my case). But, since I've installed it as my blog's comment setting, I just don't want to uninstall it and risk myself to lose any memorable comments :D

    But, Disqus is a good alternative though :)

  10. salam. zety, u r sooooo cute... sometime hard time may cause people to loose something great about him/herself but i am hoping dat u will keep d best of urself forever. just saw ur blog and read few entries and i loved it.. :) wish u d best till Jannah sis. xoxo

    1. Waalaikumussalam musafeer. Thanks. I wish for ur best till jannah too.