How To Get Hated : Hated Blogger?

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Hello good day!
Yesterday, I wrote about my 7 blogging sins, so today I would like to write about how to be a hated blogger.


1. Make a living from your blog, then complain about how much work you do

Because everyone who’s out there working at McDonald’s or 12 hours standing as operator really wants to hear about how your job is so difficult. Especially the part where you have to deal the stress of taking photographs, getting swag, going to neat places, and eating fine food.

Let’s not pussyfoot around it. Talking about your experiences is fine — it can add color and personality to your posts — but only if it helps your readers become healthier, happier, or more productive. When you want to write a story about your life, ask yourself this: What’s in it for my readers? How can my experience help them?

but, but... once in a while sharing about your personal is fine, I enjoy reading it too. But after all, its your choice and we have preference.

2. I love this music and I want the world to love it too
I want to scream when I enter a site and music/video begin to play automatically. First, it’s inconsiderate to the reader who may not be interested or able to listen (for example at work) and it’s annoying when I’ve begun to read an article and the “flow” in the article is disrupted by a loud music when my computer speakers are turned up. Its maybe your favorite music and intention to share is nice but not everybody love it.

The worst situation when you hide your auto played music and I hate the music! Normally I will find the X at the top of my right side. p/s: I know we can mute the sound without pause button

3. Do too much advertising

I know I put ads banner at my blog too. Moderate ads is fine but too much ads can irritate your readers. I hate it when a suddenly pop-ups ads distracted my reading. I would recommend you not to use pop-ups and text link ads.

Too much paid review annoys me too. When I come to your blog and all the posts I scroll to read is all about reviews, its kind turned me off. I know getting money is good, but 9 out of your 10 post is about product/event reviews ?? This normally happen to established bloggers that I used to follow. Its not that I hated them but it just I rarely visit them.

4. Air your bizarre/racist/bigoted/sexist views freely
I sometime enjoy political blogs too. But too much racist arguments is ugly. Do you hold a special hatred for those of a different national origin, skin color, religion, or sexual orientation than you? Then make sure that you provide your opinions on all of the major news stories of the day.

5. I'm normal and I read black ink on a white paper

Forgot the importance of White Space. Some bloggers like to fills up the blog with endless information or decorated the blog with so many irrelevant widget. The right choice of background and font color is really important. Normal people like to read on a white background with a black (dark) fonts color. I hate to read red on black background. It hurts my eyes and my emotion.

But I notice that minimalist concept has become trend and that's good. 

6.Don't care about your readers, look down on your readers

Why write original content when you can put up four or five sponsored posts in a row? Better yet, don’t bother to post at all for a while, except for existential complaints about how hard your life is (see also #1). Because who cares what the rabble are reading, so long as you’re getting paid?

Congratulations! Now everyone hates you. 

But We’re Not Like That, Are We?

I should hope not.

Anyway, let’s hear from all of you out there. Do you agree or disagree on the ones I’ve picked? You could also point out another point or any question n the comment section below.

Have a Happy (and hater-free) Blogging time!
Thank You For Reading This Post ! Komen lah sikit =)

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  1. Nampak menarik.

    i'll read yours later.
    Going out for supper.

    It's me from:

    1. thank you adam..

      hope to get your feedback after your supper..

      Will visit yours too

    2. I just came back. Too sleepy. Read yours tomorrow. I'll comment yours.

  2. i hope no one hated me as blogger XD
    nice info there. thanks ya :)

  3. hhahaha,

    me to hope not to be hated,,

  4. How about irrelevent Giveaway? I'm sick of all the GA and whatsoever which makes me feel blogging is interesting no more.

    1. if giveaways berderet ty mmg jadi malas nak semak next page =)

  5. Point yang zety highlight dalam entri ni ada jugak Fatin setuju. Well, boleh katakan setuju semua kot.. Hehehe. Paling setuju bab letak music dalam blog, pastu auto play pulak. Paling menyakitkan hati, dia hide pulak music tu.. Kalau dia ambik music dalam youtube, mau habis cepat kuota internet fatin. Hahaha. Selalu blog camni Fatin tak tunggu lama, terus tekan "X" button.

    Memang boleh muted kan kat laptop kita, tapi I'm just lazy to do that :D

    1. itu lah, kalau yg kt youtube tu mmg leh habis qouta lagi satu blog jadi berat nak loading =)

  6. Zaitie,
    Tadi nak baca tapi hari nak hujan.
    Kena ambik jemuran dulu.
    Lepas baca nanti saya komen kaw2.

  7. Agreed with you Zety! Semua tu memang claudy terus cari X vutton.
    And let's hope we don't get hated for whatsoever reason xD

    1. Hello dear claudy,

      Lama xnampak..
      Itulah...taknak la bencei benci org kan..takut nnt org benci kita pulak..
      But all those points tu just reminder to be a better blogger...heheh

  8. hope so.. tamau dibenci!

    tetiba I g tenung blog I..btw super nice sharin

    1. Hahhaha, tenung blog ye..
      Tapi terpulang la masing2..
      Sbb preference kan.. :)

  9. I don't mind GA posts but sometimes it just too much

    1. I dont mind too...
      Tapi of 8/10 post semua GA I nak baca or komen apa...just "good luck" ? Hee

  10. Bab muzik tu setuju sangat. Jenuhlah nak cari mana button. Aigoo.

    Hope blog siqah tiada perkara yang boleh dibenci. Baru lepas tengok blog sendiri. Hee

    Btw, nice post zatie :)

    Dan sebenarnya siqah tak boleh komen kalau tiada orang komen sebelumnya. Comment box tak kuar. Maybe something to do with ur template?

    1. Zety suka je blog siqah,,
      Nice n informative too..

      Bout the comment box tu zety akan check tgok...maybe tech prob mana2 kot..thx yaa

  11. Zety! Serious setuju sangat dengan zety..banyak ads dalam blog pun, tanpa dorang sedar, kita nak visit blog dorang punya loading lama gila, end up, memang tekan X button. Malas nak menunggu menyakitkan hati je huhu

    Hopefully, blog Fatin semua okay je..fuhh fuhh cuak jugak kan :)

  12. Zettie,

    Rupa bentuk blog pun main peranan. Juga menggambarkan kematangan kita and it's also as an attraction but (i am new to blogging) the most important part is the writing. Besides the format or the image of the website sometimes we forget that despite what we say on blogs our writings can tell something totally different. If we want to know who we are have a look at our postings including our comments. Those writings will tell who we are.

    1. Thx adam..

      Setuju yg contents yg paling penting dlm penulisan blog disamling accesories lain mcm template n images..

      Thx for ur reminder..
      Zety pun lack of engagement w readers...


    2. Zettie,
      Dont thank me. I am new here. What i wrote was sharing ideas. Maybe i need your help latter, who knows.

      Dont feel shy to add biar lembu yang jadi lembu if you wish.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hehehe.. I dah read your few postings ..cuma tak komen je lagi..

      Your postings were re matured an very informative...

      Will follow ur blog n post some comments later,,


  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Sangat setuju lebih2 lg ttg byk iklan.. Sampai bila pun xnk jejak. Terlalu tamak.. Dan menyusahkan.. Melainkan kalau blog/website tu penting, baru Reen akan paksa diri ni tutup sebelah mata supaya tak tekan pangkah. Kui kui kui

  15. Zaitie, feel free to visit my blog, harap bukan dlm kategori yg dibenci, hahaha.

  16. Zaitie, feel free to visit my blog, harap bukan dlm kategori yg dibenci, hahaha.