Scarlet Heart Ryeo, The K2 and Gary Depart From Running Man

Thursday, November 10, 2016

scarlet heart ryeo
Who can relate to the above picture? (credit to viki)
 Assalamualaikum and hello there!
I wanted to write my quarterly review series, but I think I have to hold until December. The above picture is well described us- the kdrama addicts right? lol,

As for me, I started loving Korean Drama since my high school. I started with Autumn In My Heart and become addicted after Full House. I used to like KPOP too but managed to pull my self out from the wave since 4 years ago. But, I cannot retire from kdrama just yet! I called my self kdrama addict but not to the extend of being obsessed. I still have healthy social life and I watch other entertainment too. 
Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Lee Jun Ki, one of my favorite actor. I like his acting. 
Scarlet Heart Ryeo. 
What's their relation?

Lee Jun ki is the male lead in this currently ended drama - Scarlet Heart Ryeo (SHR)
Quick review:  In the beginning of this drama, I like the second male lead (yes I ship Wang Wook). As I love historical genre, this drama is kind different from normal historical drama I watch. They added modern touch especially the hairstyles and friendly behavior to the characters instead of deep and heavy ones like I always watch.

I feel a bit disappointing in the middle of the drama. I hope to see growth in the IU's (female lead) character. I feel like IU's character is cliche like other drama which the heroine is being loved by all the males . I wish to see more scenes of  IU using her history knowledge instead of just wooing around the palace. 
I glad that IU's character grow to be more matured. I still cannot hate Wang Wook despites all his actions. I can somehow understand his situation. Love vs family. It makes me questions who will I choose when similar situation come across me. Wang Wook is the most pitiful character in my opinion. 
Love and hatred are  intertwined 
I also pitied Wang Soo. He always wanted love and recognition from his mother. I don't understand why his mother hated him so much. 
I like the ending even though it feel a bit rushing. I hope for a second season to answer my questions. I enjoy my rides with SHR. Recommended! 
If I had not met SHR, I would not yearn for it.
If I did not know it, I would not think of it so much.
If I did not decided to watch it,my sanity wouldn’t have to disappear.
If I did not treasure it so much, I wouldn’t have so many memories.
If I did not love SHR… I wouldn’t need to throw my heart away.
If we had not been face-to-face, we would have never been together.
If i had never watched the first episode, i wouldn’t have to cry over you, my heart wouldn't hurt this much
The K2
Currently watching this drama. I'm not a fan of Im Yoona. But I like this drama. 
So far still following until the recent episodes. It means this drama is up to my par. 
Will review in quarterly review series later. 
Ji Chang Wook, why so hawtt?? 
 Gary says Goodbye to Running Man

I have been following each episodes of Running Man since its first episodes until year 2014. Still watching it until now (selected episodes).  I grow affection for this variety show and like each members and their playfulness. Goodbye Gary. Will missing you in RM like I miss Song Joong Ki.
Thank You For Reading This Post ! Komen lah sikit =)

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  1. yoona's acting dah improve ke? :D last time tgk dia masa drama prime minister tu rasanya

    1. Yupp..dah improved if compared to her last project...

  2. Hi my friend..Very interesting discussion glad that I came across such informative post.

    1. Thank you my ftiend for your kind words,,

      Please check out my series post for this topic..:-)

  3. Taknak layan scarlet heart dgn K2. tgok running man goodbye gary :'( Haihhh

    1. Hehehe,, after long years w gary sedih la jgk kan..

  4. I also layan K2 because of Ji Chang Wook, i love the way he show his skill on action scene. Yoona pun dah improved her lakonan a lot.

    1. JCW machoo sgt dlm drama..action mmg terbaik.. Dua dua yoona nerlakon dgn baik esp. Wife of president candi kan..?

  5. Siqah pun tengok K2 sebab ada JCW. First time tengok Yoona berlakon dan okay je for me :)