My 7 Blogging Sins

Monday, November 07, 2016

7 blogging sins

Being human, bloggers have a propensity to commit blogging sins. As a blogger, you’ve a responsibility to your readers, fellow bloggers and the public. While there’s no professional certification, bloggers have an implicit agreement to act within ethical guidelines.

You must have things you feel bad doing but still doing it? I do! Here is my 7 blogging sins that I feel guilty doing;

#1- The sin of originality

Blogger Jon said the most shocking lessons we  can learn as a blogger is we’re all trained to believe originality is essential for standing out, but the fact is, it can be dangerous, even deadly.

This is one of my biggest blogging sins. I tend to write ideas from my "own" head that I reluctant to write same topics as my bloggers lists even I like that topics. Because of that, I always have nothing to write. Egoistic, ikr!

The truth is, originality is only good within the confines of what the audience wants. If you fail to consider the audience, it actually becomes something else:
A sin.

So why bother to crack your head for originality ideas for your blog post if you can "steal" from others like I stealing ideas from Erin Azmir's my 7 Blogging Sins ? =)

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” ~ Pablo Picasso

#2 - MIA / hiatus
I feel bad for a long absence without any post. Time is my biggest enemy in writing a blog. I know is seems like a lame excuses but that's a fact for a part time blogger- full time auditor/accountant. Priority must comes first. So blog absence is like my biggest blogging sins. That's bad huh? 

#3 - Commenting without reading
Sometime (just sometimes) I  leave comment without reading  the full articles! I skip the middle ~forgive me!

#4 - Participating in giveaways, segment, contest just to drop a link! 
This one is common in bloggers community! Sometimes Most of the time, I join segment/contest/giveaway just to drop my blog link so that I could increase my blog readers/ viewers. Since I monetize my blog from Google Adsense and Nuffnang, I really need high pageviews!

#5- I Can Spellz?
One thing is misspelling things! I know some of you might notice spelling errors in my blog post. I admit I feel excited to post my freshly written entry like taken a sip of scalding hot coffee or bitten into a slice of pizza straight from the oven, resulting in a nasty burnt tongue.Instead of a rushing publish, spelling check/ grammar check is a must.. but I'm too lazy for this and fu*k  grammar as long as you can still understand. lols

#6 - Advertisements / Advertisements / Advertisements
I used to hate but still put advertisement banners on my blog. I hate it because its don't look pretty in my blog, but I like it because it can be my side money. Its like " I hate you, but I love you"

Are you one of those budding bloggers who is not monetizing his blog and is skeptical of doing so?  Perhaps the reason many of us stay away from monetizing our blogs is that we are protective of our image, and we fear being judged by our readers.

Making money from your blog doesn’t make you a less passionate blogger or a greedy blogger.

My question remains, why wait to monetize your blog? Making money from your blog doesn’t make you a less passionate blogger or a greedy blogger. It is simply taking advantage of an opportunity to earn money from one of your passions, and to develop your dreams. Ask yourself if that is a disgraceful thing.

If you have a blog that can be monetized, start monetizing it now.You may not make more than $10-$100/month, but at least you are earning some money doing something you enjoy.

So, I would be happy if you guys help my #projektabung  (sempat lagi promote, hehehe)

#7- Envy 
Every blogger wants to get recognized on social media platforms. Strong content and engagement across social media platforms helps us to build followers. One way to encourage comments on our blog is to comment on other people’s blogs and to respond quickly to comments on your own. The challenge is interacting with your readers and responding to readers comments so that they know you appreciate their input. “Good comment” isn’t enough. You must think about your response just as your readers did.
I envy bloggers that have so many followers in social media. They inspires people but I still don't have the guts to publicize my social media accounts (Instagram,Facebook, Twitter) yeah. I'm reserved and shy =P

"When we fall into a state of envy, it’s because we focus on what others have, not what we need"

Don’t be envious of your competitors. Yes. adopting and testing some of their strategies may  help you to improve yours. Add your own spices so that you will be different.

So don’t envy them. Plan to surpass them.

That concludes my 7 blogging sins.What's yours?

Please share in the comment box below or you can link your "7 blogging sins" entry too!

Thank You For Reading This Post ! Komen lah sikit =)

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  1. my 7 blogging sins are...

    eh jap ada my link in your post! hahaha. great post btw! x

    1. Hehehe, tq erin

      Yours was great too & thx for the idea ,,

  2. Great write up. Especially point 1.

    So, nak tiru jugaklah macam ni. Kahkah.

    1. tq hasnul,

      sure boleh...nanti I baca your blogging sins pulak =)

  3. I can relate with all your sins zety xD

    1. So nampaknya kita buat "sins" yg sama jugak...mostly sin no #2?

    2. So nampaknya kita buat "sins" yg sama jugak...mostly sin no #2?

  4. mine will definitely be MIA. It's tough to be a blogger and a student at the same time that's why hats off to the people who can maintain both.

    1. Ikr! Time will always be my enamy.with work n etc means lesser blogging time equal to MIA..lols...blogwalking pn kdg2 xsempat

  5. We are sharing the same sins especially no2. Susah nak maintain update blog selalu dan kerja at the same time. I still trying to update my blog at least once a week :)

    1. Perkara plg ssh..mmg tabik la. Sapa leh maintain blog regularly kan..zety kalau tgok archive makin berkurang post per month..heheh

  6. first of all, hello! nice to meet your blog.

    you know how conflicted it is about the first and sixth sin i felt right now. i have no idea what my blog is but i am really comfortable how it is right now but i have no niche there. i have several thoughts to try to be "famous" (ie the #3 and #4 sins) but it felt like to much of a forced work so i stopped. kind of egoistic huh but it felt really good though. to just write what i want. but god i want to monetize this thing.


    1. Thank you darl for you comment...i have to read again my post to refer which sins u talk about...

      Ikr, being famous is good..its help alot in monetizing our blog...

      You still can monetize ur blog altho $$ u get is not as much..but gain something from ur writings is awesome..more money means more people read your contents aite?

    2. Yup. More people reading the content can be a great pleasure. Guilty pleasure. Well the saying do say work the things you like and you never need to work a day in your life.

  7. Yes indeed.

    Hardwork will always pays off 😃