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Sunday, November 13, 2016

tips traffic new bloggers
This is an appreciation post for my blog readers, followers and visitors! As I recently achieved 100,000+ pageviews  since my 8 months of blogging (first entry was on March 6, 2016), I would like to share some tips and tricks that I use to get a higher traffic.

Cara mudah tingkatkan pengunjung blog

Before I start, my blog traffic is not to be compared with others. I am happy with my traffic todays if compared to first time I started blogging. In my early days, I would be happy with just 100-200 viewers. But as today, I achieved 100,000+ pageviews, means I got an average of +-500 visitors per day .I target to get 3000 pageviews per day. Insyaallah! *note: I disable my own pageview count

As at November, 13 2016

As I become inactive for last few months, a drop in traffic is as expected. Without delay, here are my few tips and tricks that I use to get a higher traffic. These methods are helpful for my fellow new bloggers.

#1. Blogwalking
I put this as first point because this is the most important thing to do as a new blogger. You start fresh and nobody know you just yet. So you have to publicize your blog. Make people know of your existance. Put your blog link in other blogs. Leave your blog URL in their cbox or you can exchange link with them.How many blog must I visit? Its up to you. The more the merrier! Put a target - 50 blogs per day or 100 blogs per day.

#2. Regular update
You don't have to write 10 entries per day. One entry per day is good enough. (I am still struggling to post one entry/day) If you cannot write entry every day, you can try to update your blog regularly. One or two entry per week, maybe?

#3. Good contents 
Contents is a king!! For me, this is the most difficult things to do. You have to create contents that your readers can relate to or topics that readers wanted to know. You must consider your readers' feeling and respect their time. They come to your blog looking for something informative or something to brighten their day but we served them with our poor contents. This would be disrespectful of our readers' precious time. But fret not, you are free to write anything that you wanted to in your blog. People have preferences. Some of my readers may find my K-Wave topic is not good where others who shared same interest find this topic helpful. So don't be too afraid to write!

#4. Register your blog with Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine
This method may help your blog to be index in their search engine. So people might come across your blog!

#5. SEO friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always a headache to a new bloggers. I am by far an expert in SEO. But I do read few posts on how to understand SEO. If you want a higher traffic, you can never abandon this. You have to understand SEO a bit. Write contents with SEO friendly. You can try to type in your search engine about topic you wanted to write, and choose one with the highest keyword search. You can learn about deep linking or wheelinking to improve your SEO. Example of deep linking is put your oldest post link in your new entry.

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#6. Drop your comment

This is another powerful method that can increase your blog visitors. Instead of just blogwalking, why not reading one or two articles in their blog? Drop some comment on their entry. Don't just simply write "nice sharing" but write something to show our sincerity. 7 out of 10 blogs that I left with a comment will definitely visited mine! And yes they will probably leave comment in my blog too!

#7.Responsive and attractive template

This tips also play a big part for a return visitor. You will not want a forever loading page, so does your visitors. So take a look at your blog. Do you have any irrelavant widgets that might make your blog heavy / forever loading ? If yes, consider to remove it. Attractive template doesn't mean you have to purchase your blog template. There are dozens of beautiful and responsive templete for free. But if you have extra money in your pocket, why not?

#8. Ping your blog
Not to forget, this one help me a lot in gaining higher visitors. I ping my blog at You can see I put at my Neighbours section.

#9. Insert at least one Image
People are more attracted to picture than text. So put at least one nice picture in your entry. This probably will increase chances of your entry being click!

#10. Share with us your tips and tricks in the comment box bellow!

Thank You For Reading This Post ! Komen lah sikit =)

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  1. I'm struggle to do blogwalking, regular updates, and good contents. I only able to visit and read all the blog I follow, leave comment, and also update my blog at least twice a week. Itu pun kadang-kadang failed. Hehe.

    About SEO, serius, siqah kena belajar banyak pasal benda nie. dah kaji jugak tapi tak berapa faham.

    Siqah paling suka bab responsive template. Sebab siqah banyak BW di phone so responsive template sangat sesuai.

    Overall, Love this post Zatie :) Really helpful :) Thank you for sharing..

    1. Tahank you siqah for your comment.

      SEO tu mmg pening sikit nak faham.. Tak faham semua sikit pun jadi la. :)

      Im happy that you found this post helpful.

    2. SIQAH HUSSIN, I don't update for the sake of updating.

      Saya pun serupa awak, belum sentuh SEO. Tak tau apa benda tu sebab baru berbelogging. Nanti kita tanya zaitie bila ada peluang.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Very informative post!
    Macam mne nk ade readers mcm blog u... Jelesnyee
    Sekarang kena rajin bw, drop comment n update regularly
    Anyway tq for sharing ya..

    1. Hi atheera,

      Hehehe..zety just sharing some method yg zety guna..masih jauh lagi utk jadi blogger yg baik..

      Insyaallah kalau atheera guna these tips akan ada peningkatan readers.


  3. Nice sharing and as usual i'll kacau u here. Genuine traffik yang paling puas bila mereka dtg sendiri .. it is a challenge .. write not to be popular but to expand people's minds to look things from different perspective .. which is your strength, which is worth their time to sleep on it ...

    Itu my pendapat n it doesn't mean that others hv to agree.

    1. Yupp genuine trafic is definitely ard to get. And for the your blog need to be that more ppl will come n read ur contents...


    2. Spelling error..mlas nk ubh
      *hard to get...
      *and for that,your...

  4. Terima kasih atas perkongsian.....kena kerja keras nampaknya saya ni untuk sampai tahap macam blog ni =)

    1. Hehehe thx ,
      Puji sgt saya ni biasa2 je..

      Btw thx sudi membaca

  5. Suka sangat dengan tips yang zety share ni. Jujurnya fatin cakap, fatin pun tak tahu dan tak pernah ambil tahu pasal SEO ni. Walaupun dah 6 tahun berblog, tapi masih tak tahu apa itu SEO. Hehehe.

    Masih banyak lagi yang perlu dipelajari ni :) Thanks for the tips ya. Really appreciate it ;)

    1. Hi fatin liyana!

      Kalau bab SEO , zety pun tak pandai jugak...
      Cuma baca naca yg basic shj..

      Wahhh, dh 6 thn rupanya FL berblog ye?..tahniah sbb masih setia berblog..

  6. Such a big achievement big girl! Congratssss <3 Ain 4 tahun baru cecah 100,000 hahaha

    1. Tq Ain,

      Zety masih byk kekurangan dlm berblog ni..
      Hope kalau ada salah silap Ain boleh betulkan...

  7. sangat kagum dari jauh...tahniah dear,hope one day dapat pageview macam u,salute ni baru 8 bulan tu,yess dear kita kena baca dan ikhlas comment entry blogger lain kan..haa baru kita rasa relationship to sincere,terima kasih dear for good sharing..i love it

    1. Tq sis sbb sllu komen dkt blog zety,,

      Insyaallah blog sis pun boleh.. Gambateh!!

  8. Amazing one, thanks for providing this.

  9. Really nice and impressive one. This one is really helpful for all.

  10. Interesting one and it's helps a lot.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. First of all congrats. I've blogging forever but dont reach 100k yet. You give me a new goal. I believe in blogwalking and leaving sincere comment. It worked like a charm though i myself dont do it often. All tips are good.

    I got this tip to vheck out google trend so that you know the most searched topic. Myb some topic you'll actually be interested to write.

    1. Thank you..

      True about google trends, we might find interisting topic to write.,,

  13. Girl, you're awesome. I've been blogging for years but my pageview is still low. Lame me.

    1. Tq rasya. No.. Dont feel bad. I still strugling to write good posts like urs.

  14. 100k within 8 months? Wow! Congrates dear! Pageview more than 1k per day? Dang.... Jelesnya! Hihihi nak juga!

    Suka tengok rakan2 seperjuangan berblogging yang mempunyai pageviews banyak dari Reen. Awesome!

    Buat Reen lebih teruja dan bersemangat untuk up pageview blog Reenri. Selamat berjaya semua!

    1. Zety kalau singgah blog reen pun mest akan baca entri reen...sgt informative n suka your writing yg bersahaja n sincere. :)

  15. very helpful ! thanks for this.first time here , so I follow you . salam perkenalan :)

  16. salam ziarah & follow..
    akak dah lama jugak since dah tutup acc blog lama & bukak acc baru ni..members jadi x dah cam xde semangat nak berblog melainkan nak update gambar sbg kenangan sendiri jer..heheh