Twins Yang Kacak

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

famous twins

Twin yang kacak | Assalamualaikum and hello there ~ You know what's better than one ?  Two. Yes ! Two always double the happiness. Kalau makan burger pun korang mesti suka yang double kan? eleh macam aku tak tahu... KLCC pun dorang buat twin barulah wow tu lebih sikit.

By the way guys, if you notice I've changed my blog template a bit. Do you like it?  But it still under minor editing and I stress out  because I don't know how to edit my featured post image to desirable size - so that it won't stretch and fit nicely regardless of my picture size (width, height). If you guys happen to know the way to edit it, please kindly leave me your comment below ok? Thanks in advance !

By the way, today entry is actually have sit in my draft way too long. Since I don't want to leave my blog without any update, so I click the publish button. Maaf topik kurang best.   Even though this topic is kinda lame, but here is my favorite Youtubers list !  Yupps! My favorite British Youtubers! Why Britsih? Sebab accents diorang sexy doh   I bet you will love them too!

#NO.1 -  Jacksgap

Jackson Harries and Finn Harries, the sexiest twins on earth!  Yep, I've known them for quite sometime now. Maybe more than 4 years. (kami memang rapat, selalu main masak-masak sesama..lantaklah korang nak percaya ke tak)

Video yang buat diorang famous

The JacksGap! The main reason I like this twin is because of their sexy accents and of course because of their well sculpture face. In the early years, JacksGap channel were more layback compared to the recent years videos where they appear with more sophisticated contents!  Well, people change for better right? My personal favorite are the video above and their trips to India. I felt like flying to India after watching that videos.  Another reason why I like them is that they are very inspiring people! Even though their channel concept has changed and they rarely update, but I still like and follow them.  Kalau dulu cute sekarang dah macho. tak percaya pergi google sendiri. hehehe ~ ~

#NO.2 - Casper Lee

famous youtubers
 sekarang dah ada buku sendiri pun mamat ni. channel dia kat sini

Casper Lee- who don't recognize him right? He is now an actor. Even though I haven't watch his films yet, but you rock Casper! His behavior is more mischievous if compared to Jack and Finn, so don't shock if you see a lot of crazy and weird things. He also love to prank his mother. Cute ayte?  He is born South African, but grown up in the UK.  Other Youtubers  called him as playboy,Casanova,lady killer or even sluts. haha

#NO.3 - Zoella

famous youtubers
click gambar minah ni untuk check out her youtube channel. 

Videos minah cun are more to beauty tips and lifestyle .If you guys wanted to learn some make up or how to dress nicely then you can check out her channel. A lot of beauty tips, makeup tips, fashion and all girls stuff! I love when she  collaborated with her  boyfriend, Alfie (another YouTuber) ~ lawak dohh ~

# No.4 - Marcus Butler

famosu UK youtubers
click me click me

Yup another hot British youtuber  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

#No.5 - Sam Pepper

sam pepper

If you look at his hair colored, then you can expect crazy videos from him. The king of prankster! He collect quite a huge sum of haters! Yeah, He is kind of annoying but I love his collaboration video.  But he already deleted his old account due to !Actually haven't follow him for a while and when I searched him, his channel was no longer available. But He got a new one I guess. 

The best thing about my favorite youtubers  is  they always do collaborations !

If you guys have your own favorite youtuber and wanna share with me, leave your comment bellow okay?

Thank You For Reading This Post ! Komen lah sikit =)

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  1. handsomeeeeeee :'D haha, btw i like your new templateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  2. fatin pun selalu tengok dorang kat youtube jugak especially zoella! dorang punya accent..fuhh best betul! :D

    1. kan...zoella cute sgt? zety pun suka accents diorang

  3. saya kacak lagi kehkeh...taktau nak komen apa sebenarnya...

    1. ahahaha, syok ler kacak... xpe...dah komen pun seronok da rasa =)

  4. Haha gonna check them out! Glad to found out that it's not only me who have a thing about UK accent! :D

  5. British accent memang seksi sangat btw cantik template blog awak...hehe

  6. cekci sgt... btw thx template saya dari bthemez, xsalah download dari gooyabi