7 Outfits That Never Go Wrong!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

7 Outfits  That Never Go Wrong| With every runway and every new trend, I'm less enthused with what's in my own closet. It's more than an occupational uniform gear, and  common attire that sometimes I feel bored to wear. How to make our wardrobes functional and stylish each day so that we're never the victims of "I have nothing to wear" syndrome again ? The answer is not necessarily to always stocking up our closet with new stuff! So here we are going back to 7 timeless basics outfits that you can style it everyday without feeling wrong! Just remember this basic and easy formula; just add and subtract to make them your own. 

A white top and a blue jeans

A white top with a blue jeans is always classic and fashionable. This pair is just like a song and melody. Nothing can't go wrong. You can dress it up or keep is simple. Think it doesn't sound so interesting? Just take notes, you can switch from a simple tee or button-down to a draped peplum top, and add a leather jacket to pull it off... Not your thing? Work a pretty, lacy white blouse into the mix and go with a pretty pumps. Whatever your signature style, this outfit works with any interpretation.

Tailored trousers and basically any top

Even if you own just about every style of jeans in your wardrobe, a pair of tailored pants are still a necessity. You'll want a pair you can dress up with a jacket or blouse and heels or pair with a t-shirt and great jewelry and wear anywhere from the office to dinner and drinks. Functional yet stylist.

A simple top and full skirt

This style is suitable for all body type. As long as you choose a right material and design,you can own your day! A full skirt has always been classic for decades. The figure-flattering style is  always a win with any top.  Try it with a tee,a blouse, even a leather jacket to create a chic look. So ladies, make sure you have at least one full skirt, then you almost complete your wardrobe!

Long Black Dress

Is there any reason to not wear black? I don't think so. When you find a great black dress that fits you perfectly, never get rid of it. Long Black Dress is always the easiest, chicest, most foolproof way to get dressed,  and it’s actually cool. This is one item you can wear and wear again. You just have to change your accessories and footwear to keep up with the trends. Be it with a leather jacket, half ankles boots  or just the dress and stiletto, you can always win! When I'm in a state of nothing to wear, I will always pick up my long black dress. Problem settled!

A blazer with just about any bottoms

A good blazer will never let you down. It's the perfect complement to tailored trousers or a jeans. Work it seamlessly with just about any bottoms you own. Neither trousers nor skirts will ever go wrong with blazer. You can feel free to sub heels for great flats anytime. And maybe add a cute handbag to complete your style.

A sweater and jeans

This looks has been for years and you know it's not going anywhere. The bigger problem just might be how to make the pieces more exciting. You can add simple tricks to keep everything looking laid back, casual and stylish. Opt for jeans with patches, a higher rise, acid wash, or colored denim. But, remember to always keep your sweater in simple color and design. Less is more!

Baju kurung

Do you think you heard it wrong? No! Baju kurung will never go wrong- wear it to office or events! Just pick a right size and design. Don't afraid to be creative with your baju kurung. Mix and match or just get nice pair of heels and you are ready! Since Hari Raya is approaching, you should check out  ZALORA RAYA RTW 2016. I amazed with all the collections. #rayalution

btw, selamat berbuka puasa semua ^_^,

Thank You For Reading This Post ! Komen lah sikit =)

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  3. I love all the outfits. I'm a fan all these outfits! I could and would wear them everyday haha. But i never wear to the office with the long black dress and baju kurung here hihi

  4. baju kurung is my favorite :)

  5. sweater and jeans really looks perfect . lol . serious tengok model baju kurung tu berkali-kali . awat lain macam je baju kurung tu ye . haha

  6. Itu baju kurung yg dah dimodenkan..hahah