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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Get-together, Biskut Raya, Baju Raya Hunting & Drama | Assalamualaikum and hello there? I hope someone is missing me because I took quite a time since  my last entry. Tbh, I'm having a writer's block right now. My laptop also don't help me much on this. So yeah! I am writing about my weekend stuffs with my phone and hope it won't get you bored.

Last friday night my department got a get-together-iftar at polpero steak house at seksyen 7 shah alam.  Some of my cliques can't make it for this gathering, so here just 13 of us I guess. What I like the most about department or company ' s activities is .... Free food! Yeah...selain merapatkan ukhwah. This was a buffet style western food, so you will get endless and free flow of chicken chop,fish and chips, spaghetti, lamb grill, beef steak, meaty skewer, bread and soup and others dessert like ice cream and more.
This entry is not about a food review, so I won't comment on the food. We have a good laugh and I think I managed to get a little closer to my manager and other colleagues. Since I am still new here, I sometime feel awkward and I love this kind of gathering because it is less formal and we can talk things not related to work. 

After gathering, my friend invited me to her sister's house at sri kembangan. Since I felt her sincerity in inviting me plus I don't have any plan yet, so I gratefully accept her invitation to overnight at her sister's. I was so thankful coz her sister was so nice and pretty too.  We baked kuih raya together. I adore her sister so much. At the age of 31 she already has 4 kids and a great career and a great husband. Mama, nak kawin jugakkk... Hehehe..
Ok let's forward to my saturday activity. 
After they sending me off, I drive to Stesen Batu 3 to meet my sister at KL Sentral to go to PWTC. Yupp! Its Mood Republic. So tonight is the last day for 72 hours Mood Republic kan? Have you guys set your foot already? 
What can I say is masyaalllah, ramainya manusia and I almost bukak my sandle because I'm so tired touring all the booths. Raya tahun ni memang semua printed ehh?? Nothing much caught my attention actually. I think I like the style from addae booth the most. I also try some baju but end up buying nothing for myself. Ehh... I bought one scarft from La Vendior KL.

Ok, beg beg ni semua bukan untuk aku. Ini untuk adik-adik. Kakak mithali kan...

We heading back and planning nak berbuka dekat nu sentral ja. But stopped by at masjid jamek sebab nak beli selendang. Yaa, aku suka selendang murah ja. Kat sini RM15 dah boleh dapat 2 helai kan...asyik berjalan baru perasan dah nak berbuka so memang tak sempat lah kan.. So singgah je lah berbuka dekat masjid jamek jek. Jimat pun jimat. Hahhaha. 

Ok guys, tu je lah nak update. Taknak la berhabuk pulak blog. Ahad just lepak umah  je. Marathon drama 38 Task Force, Doctors and Mirror of The Witch. Hope you guys tak boring and see you again in next post.

So,how is your weekend?

Thank You For Reading This Post. Komenlah Sikit :)

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  1. selamat pagi..jalan2 sini ambil mood raya.. ^_^

  2. Ouh, sakannyaa shopping.

    Psssst: I love free food!! Hahaha

    1. xdak baju raya lagi ni, kan...free food best =)

  3. Free food omg ahhhhh *hearteyes emoji*

  4. first of all such a nice blog template..missing my old days at masjid jamek,looking forward to pay a visit there soon..

  5. I have a writer block too. Haha. :3

  6. aina pegi jugak mood republik.. ohmaii! ramai btul.. letih membetis. Huhuhu Zety pergi bila.?

    1. letih kan... byk lahai orgnyeee rasa nk berjalan buang kasut