Lucky Romance with Vampire Detective?

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Lucky Romance with Vampire Detective | I am in love with ...
 yes, yes, yes I am currently so addicted!
Its been awhile that I write a review about korean drama. From my previous korean drama reviews, you can already predict that I love to watch drama with historical/action/fiction/mystic/thriller genre. I am not so into romance drama unless the plot is interesting. (this is why I prefer Goodbye Mr.Black over Descendants of The Sun) Since I am so busy with work and life, I have limit my time for Kdrama so I have to be a bit selective in choosing what to watch.

Currently I'm watching Lucky Romance and Vampire Detective. I also watch Entertainer but abandoned it halfway. Entertainer is good (because I like Ji Sung) but because time is limited so I pass this for now. Maybe, I will watch it later.

Vampire Detective 
Well, you might notice that Korean is quite obsess with Vampire theme. They have so many drama in this theme. Lets me name some; Scholar Who Walk AT Night/Blood/Orange Marmalade/Vampire Idol. I think this is the best Vampire drama so far. I have been following Vampire Detective since its first airing. I get hooked with this drama. I like the plot, the acting and how the story reveal the secrets. I also like that they solve different cases in every episode and slowly unpack the big secret that this drama hold. With superb acting from the cast especially Lee Joon, I wanted to follow this drama until the end. If you watch Vampire Prosecutor 1 & 2, maybe you wanted to check this drama too. What I dislike about this drama is it only have 1 episode per week. I am at episode 10. 2 more episodes to go! With minimal romance between San and Gye Wool it makes the audience begging for more. This is why their romance is much appreciated and makes me wants more. 
San & Gye Wool

Lucky Romance
I like almost every drama from Hwang Jung Eum except Full House Take 2- Its disaster!  I just watch this drama yesterday and already marathon until the current episode -ep.4 (lol) Omo, I love this one so much. I am not really into romance, but this one is just my cup of tea. I love the plot so far. The acting?- Superb. I like Ryu Joon Yeol acting here. I think he's getting handsome since last I saw him in Reply 1988. ( He is not handsome but he is handsome, hahaha) Guess what, we also have Soo Hyuk here! The deep voice and macho one! Still clueless about what this drama might serve you? Of course romance ! It is a story about a women (Bo-Nui) who has bad luck  To overcome her bad luck, she has to sleep with a virgin man who born in the year of the Tiger. Soo- Ho- The targeted. He is a genius man. He believe in everything logic! So what will happen when a women who believe in a superstitious and  fortune telling trying to seduce a man who believe in logic and facts? Interested? Lets ride this ship. I so cannot wait for the next episodessss!!
omo omo omo!!

Thank You For Reading This Post ! Komen lah sikit =)

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  1. dah tengok Lucky Romance sampai episode 4 setakat ini, best juga lah :D

  2. lucky romance tuh comel je cerita nya,
    yang vampire detective belum tengok lagi, kena cuba tengok gini hehe :D

    1. yup LR comel jek...release stress tgok...VD pu best try la tgok

  3. belom tengok!
    lai lai lai list kan korean drama yg best lagi.. boleh iols donlod sekali harung. =D hehehe

    1. huhuu.. aina leh tgok review zety yg before this, pilih la mana yg bekenan..hehehh

  4. eh eh.. mana laki, mana pompuan dlm cite ni? kihkihkih....
    btw, awak pun comel mcm dorang laa.... =D

    1. eh eh ehh.. heheh btw thanks I take it as compliment... bukan senang org nk puji comel..=D