How Is Life in an Audit Firm?

Friday, June 03, 2016

Should I Enter Audit Firm? | Assalamualaikum and hello peeps.  I just got back from office and prep to go for bed. I think I should update my blog before I go to bed. Well, I hope this sharing can help my fellow accounting juniors in planning their career path. Always people asking me how is life at audit firm? Is it pressure? How about the salary? workloads and so on. So in this entry, I will tell  just a little bit about a LIFE in an audit firm because the rest you have to experience it yourself !

Normally people tend to say that working in audit firm has no life but  let me correct it a little bit, working in an audit firm is actually a life for us. Because we basically live in the office room doing our work. Sounds stress?  Na ah, every job have their own stress. The job itself is not stress but the way we prioritize and handle our job will determine how our level of stress will be. We should accept our responsibilities as a challenge rather than a burden! Mindset play a huge role here. Nothing can be accomplished if you set your work as a burden or if you think your salary is not worth your time sacrifices. Believe me, the value you acquire while in audit firm is what matter the most!

Salary? yes! Working in an audit firm doesn't offer you a handsome pay. Although medium and large audit firm do offer more attractive pay but you should expect heavier workloads too! But bear in mind, monetary value is second after knowledge. Still wondering? No worries, audit firm usually have a quick rise in salary adjustment! Just show your potential and meet their expectation. After you have upgraded your value, then the handsome pay will run to you =)

Working in audit firm can upgrade your value way faster than working in one specific industry because you have to encounter many types of accounts from manufacturing to trading. From cooperation to construction. You will learn type of accounts that you have never learn in school! Interesting right?

For note, after graduated I worked as an accounts officer for a resort then enter into public governance accounts then into commercial firm. Yes! I jump a lot. (hehe, not good)  I somehow regret why I don't start working in audit firm soon after I graduated. Maybe by next year I can already get a license for  Certified Accountant from Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) if I plan my career path well.

So not to let others have the same regrets as me,  I sincerely and honestly advice my fellow juniors to start working in audit firm soon after your graduation. It will definitely help you to build your career path. Go for big audit firm like KPMG/E&Y/Delloite/ PwC while you are still young. What you have to do is learn as much as you can for just 3 years ! Another things you will learn is preservation.

If you’re about to jump start your career in audit, having tips to guide you along the way can spell the difference between landing the right job and staying unemployed.

Your decision to get into audit is a good one, especially if you’re willing to put in the hours and the hard work to gain accomplishments in this industry. The auditing field is challenging but can be very rewarding and holds many great opportunities for a new graduate who is serious about joining the industry.
So juniors, put all the negative thoughts aside and you are on the right track!

Good luck to you and to me too!
Lets preserve!
Thank You For Reading This Post ! Komen lah sikit =)

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  1. Well said, I really like how you word it out. ."people tend to say that working in audit firm has no life but let me correct it a little bit, working in an audit firm is actually a life for us"..and I support you 100%