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Sunday, March 06, 2016

 hey, are you  looking into my eyes? 

Huh! What a title post?

Oh well, I was browsing  a Youtube then I suddenly click in his video so I'm going down a  memory lane~ kekeke~~  Have you ever had a crush on him? Yes, I had.  Its during my teenage years. He is so hot & I have fantasized him as my  boyfriend. Silly me. LOL. I still remember how I fallen for his unique nose. Btw, I read that he broke his nose during a fight. But still,  his nose is one of his attractive parts. Don't you agree?

Since today is a weekend & tomorrow is lazy monday... and I don't have any plan to go out, I just finish watching one of my favorite teens movie by him along side Hilary Duff - A Cinderella Story .I can still remember the first time I watch it in a DVD player. Its brings back my teenager memories & suddenly I feeling  young. lols!  So, I feel write something in my blog about this. Oh well, baby blogger memang selalu excited update blog. Don't tell me you are looking for the movie to watch it too now.?

"Maybe your are looking, but weren't really see "- Sam, A Cinderella Story 

Okay, I leave the link for you to watch this movie online (just in case , =)

Tell me who is your teenage crush & your favorite teen's movie in the comment below.

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  1. Salam Cik,

    Saya Syahmi dari dan ingin menjemput untuk review
    laman web kami. Kami sangat hargai jika Cik boleh review laman web kami.
    Cik boleh hubungi saya dengan maklumat di bawah.

    Terima Kasih.


    1. Waalaikumussalam Syahmi,

      Wah! saya suka konsep web tu !
      selalunya saya cari bilik sewa kt mudah & ibilik.
      Tapi nmpk lebih mudah & fun

      Insyaallah saya akan buat review lepas I read more about ur website.

  2. heeee sangat sangat sangat suka dia masa zaman reaja dolu2 :P
    zaman one tree hill kihkih..

    ehh saya pun suka sangat citer tu...
    dulu ingat lagi asyik dok bukak and ulang tengok citer ni 83675328 kali lol

    1. amboi sampai 83675328 kali ulang nye... suka sgt tu...
      time zamam masih sekolah lah byk kenangan yg kita suka throwbank kan?? hehe

  3. OMG I love this guy!! Had a crush on him when watching A cinderella Story and it has become my all time favourite movie and i still watch it from time to time cause it always put me in a good mood.

  4. haha,...suka tengok chad murray dalam Cinderellah story dia dengan alamak lupa nama heroin tu. Tapi dia memang encem lah!!