6 Months With Six Flying Dragons - Ending is perfect !

Thursday, March 24, 2016

SFD review

Six Flying Dragons (SFD) is finally ended ! (22 March 2016) Kyaaaa~~  After 6 months of riding roller coaster with this great great great drama, I feel kinda empty and having a withdrawal syndrome.  I can't believe that I've spent my half a year for this drama...and its really worth it. - Believe that!

While watching this drama, I always have Wikipedia and Dramawiki as my referring tools - crosscheck the history events and characters that I sometimes got confused. Well, I believe saeguk lovers always done this too.  History has depicted Lee Bang Won (soon King Taejong) as a person who has passion for hunting and  considered unseemly in a ruler. I somehow can understand why LBW act that way, perhaps because this drama have portrayed him in a more romantic way or maybe because of Yoo Ah In handsome face?  kekeke ~ I bet real life LBW is not as handsome as Yoo Ah In tho ;)

What I loved the most about this drama are its interesting plot and  top notch acting. I love how this drama always left me excited for the next episode. Beside the main six, other characters also leave me a big impression like Gil Tae Mi, Lee Ji Ran, Myo Sang and  Hong Im Bang.

Through 50 epic episodes, we can see how every characters were developed.

six flying dragons review

Lee Bang Won in his early age. Cute yet very ambitious. 

six flying dragons review

 Lee Bang Won with Boon Yi in their young age where romance blooms. 

six flying dragons review

 Young and innocent Moo Hyul. always daydreaming but later turned into a strong and matured swordsman. 

six flying dragons review

  Lee Ban Ji, the handsome and mysterious swordsman

six flying dragons recaps

This is definitely one of my favorite fighting scenes. - the bloody banquet . 
The fighting were so intents that bloods are all over the places. I thought Moo Hyul gonna get his six title here, but NOT ! but I satisfied with his title later. 

six flying dragons recaps
 kyaaa ~~

First strife of a princes *climax 

Overall, I satisfied with this drama. I'm glad that rating give justice to this drama considering it is a 50 eps drama. Yes,  its ended first  place for its last episode. * clap clap clap

I'm looking forward to new drama that can bypass this epicness (do we have this word, heh)  level.

I thinking of re watching Deep Rooted Tree , hmmm

Thank you for reading!

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  1. woahhh.. Im watching this 'always give me goosebumps' drama.. ^^

    Im also thinking to rewatch Deep Rooted Tree.. Andddd... Looking forward to the next superb history drama 'Daebak'..

    ops, i made some review about this drama's last episode too ^^ >>> http://www.mohdnoorshawals.com/2016/03/six-flying-dragon-finally-ends-after-6.html

    1. The trailer for daebak don't really makes me excited, but still I'll try for few eps first..hehehe

      Ok, i'll check your review later =)

  2. woahhh!! i always see great reviews from the watchers of this drama!

    but i am always not that penyabar to watch long series drama :( so, really really salute kat u hihi..

    i always kagum dengan writers and directors yang boleh buat kita "omg omg apa jadi lepas ni" each time we watch an episode lol...

    i will try and google deep rooted tree... just wondering, what makes u excited to watch it? :)

    1. haha, because each episode ended with curiosity..& mayb i love historical drama kot.

      I think u should try watch this drama =)

      mayb bleh try deep rooted tree dulu kot sbb episode dia xbyk sgt ..heheh

      but seriously SFD mmg best.

  3. woah great review! I'm currently working on my own review but oh still stuck on lamenting bout the perfect ending till now *drama withdrawal sucks lol* and you kinda took the words out of my mouth lol

    I don't think that we have anything that can bypass it for now, but I'm actually looking forward for its replacement, Jackpot (though JGS's pretty image kinda scares me lol)

    1. yeah, drama withdrawal is sucks !

      As per trailer for Jackpot, I think it just ok ok ~ not that excited lol !

  4. fuck yeah its besssstttt .no words to say