My Top 5 Korean Drama Recommendation for 1st Quarter of 2016

Monday, March 07, 2016

Hello chingu!

I can say that this is an awesome first quarter of 2016 for every K-Drama lovers. Well, K-drama lovers will have to admit that watching korean drama is like riding a roller coaster!  As we're still covering from last year drama's withdrawal symptoms, I believe that this year we have to go through this life-cycle over again....pheeww ~ So, are you ready to check out my top picks for the 1st quarter of 2016 ??

This entry is dedicated to all korean drama lovers whoever and wherever you are. Comrade ya, sarangheyo! 

Best Teenage Drama (yes!, I think this is more like teenage drama)

Cheese In The Trap - I remembered getting excited for the first premiere of this drama. I must say that it was a very good start. This is my first korean drama with Kim Go Eun. Fans are quite worry before this drama started but,Kim Go Eun proves her acting ability and flaunt people with her charms. This is a webtoon-based drama from a very popular webtoons with the same title.  This drama have humors, romance & good actors! I have no complain for the acting here. I love every characters. However there are few moments that I feel a bit dissapointed as the drama become a bit draggy for its love-triangle-things. I think that this drama can do better in elaborating the characters around Seol instead of majoring in  the love-triangle things. Maybe they should cut the Baek In Ho's piano scenes a bit. Overall, this drama still deserve to be in the top drama for the first quarter.
I missed my college years and hope to have two hot sunbaes going crazy about me. A romantic sunbae-hobae realtionship? This is  the answer. 

Best Mystery Drama

Signal - This drama is like 2014's Gap-Dong but with different plots. I love Lee Je Hoon substance acting here. The suspense is what makes me return for more episodes . A group of hard-headed  police officers facing challenges in solving the cold cases from the past is surely can fulfill korean dramas' thirst for mystery drama.  This is definitely a must watch drama for 1st quarter!

Oh I fangirling over Lee Je Hoon's good look while watching this. I've been noticing, but did you also aware that his face is a combination of Kim Soo Hyun and Jo Ji Hoon?

Best Melodrama 

Remember - Yoo Seung Ho is back !! This is a story about a struggles of a son to proves his father's innocents. I like Yoo Seung Hoo's acting! He has a big talents for a small age. Even though Park Min Young is not my preferable actress, but the interesting and fast paced story has made me follow this drama to the end. I know...I know..., PMY is good and beautiful, but its just me don't like her.. =)) If you want a good drama with eye candies couple, then this is just right for you.

You can't never forget and become angry with psychotic Nam Gyu Man here - a handsome chaebol's son with anger management issues...but at least I love his sleek  fashion in this show.... a man in suit is never gone wrong...kekeke..

Best Most Anticipated Drama

#1 Descendant Of The Sun (DOTS) -  Although this drama is just airing, I can bet that this drama can be among the best drama for 1st quarter of 2016 or maybe for the year 2016. With strong casts, this drama definitely already have a huge base of fans supporting and jump to sail the ship of DOTS. As this is also a come-back drama from Song Joong Ki along side beautiful Song Hye Kyo, I have a big expectation for this one! ...and so far this drama doesn't disappoint me.

I am so looking forward for the actions pack  from our hot Korean soldier, Yoo Shin and also excited to watch how the love lines and chemistry between SJK and SHK. Are you in this ship too?

#2 Come Back, Mister - Rain Oppa is back ! This is definitely another drama that I have high anticipation and been waiting for long ! Btw,  This drama also airing the same days as DOTS. Even though some people says that this drama is non sense, but I think this is what makes the drama so fun to watch. This is definitely cannot happen in real life but with the humors and good acting from the casts, I believe you would want to check this drama !

A Bonus!! , you can have a chance to have a peek at his melting chocolate abs ! How can you have such a perfect body? !!!!  
Well, I save the best for last  , here is my highest recommendation for all !

Daesang Drama for 1st Quater of 2016

Six Flying Dragons -   Its is no doubt that I will pick this drama as the best for 2016' first quarter. This drama was airing last year - Oct. 5th.  Why I choose this drama? Because its has everything that you are looking for. Action? Romance? Eye-candy? Best acting?  all!! just say it. =) Even though this is a 50 eps drama, it managed to hold the audiences to stay loyal with this drama. Even though this is a history-based drama which everyone can already guess or read from wiki or google on what's going to happen, but with the exceptional skills from the writers, they manage to inject curiosity, excitement and desperation to watch the next episodes. I've always feel excited  for Monday and Tuesday ( yes, its Monday today... )When I think that today is the best episode, then I got it wrong because tomorrow's episode are better. This week's episode is always the best than the previous ones! In all,  I can say that this is the best roller coaster drama! A drama that I would like to awarded all the people involves~

Even for a non-saeguk drama lover, this is exception! you must watch it and evaluate yourself. Normally old-folks scenes and political talks are the reason why non-saeguk pass the drama. But I can say that even the old-man talking scenes were worth-watching in this Six Flying Dragons. I proud to say that I never skip a minute in this drama.If you are looking for a quality drama , this is definitely the one.  Who else love bromance between Moo Hyul-Bang Won  and Lee Bang Won-Moo Hyul ? puts your hands up.      
So, tell me what is you favorite Korean Drama for the first quarter of 2016? 

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  1. I guess we've got the same taste in the drama choices! hahahaha..but I didn't watch the Six Flying Dragon...if you're enjoying Remember, I guess Signal will get your attention too~ :)

    Love, Sally Samsaiman

    1. hey sally, thank you for reading.

      Yes I enjoying Remember & Signal. I like how the story line being fast & not draggy.

      If u still havent SFD , I think its best if u try for first 4 eps.


  2. Dah lama tak tengok cerita Korea but I am planning to watch Signal and Descendants of The Sun.

    1. Drama yang menarik tu yg awk pilik. =) selamat menonton

  3. setuju with all in yr list <3 esp sfd tu :D

  4. Hi! DOTS is my favourite. thanks for the recommendation.

  5. wahhhh kena masuk list ni hehehe

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