First blog and what to write?

Sunday, March 06, 2016

menulis blog

Starting a blog not necessarily need to have a complicated or expensive title. Just write about anything that cross your mind. Just think about having fun talking to yourself. Give applause to yourselves for posting a first entry.Well, starting is always the hardest step! Fret not, just do it !

Writing is another art of communications. Actually, I've been thinking about writing my own personal blog for a quite sometimes. But I never found courage to start. Finally I found my strengths and decided to start now.   I want my blog  to be another medium  for me to express my feelings.

For a first entry, I  want to write about something simple - An entry dedicated to myself. My feeling as a new blogger, what difficulties I faces when I try to write this entry. Can I say that this entry is also dedicates to all the first  timer out there?
As a newbie I think it is best I can start with a FREE blog instead of a paid one. There are many free blog or website to choose for my writing journey , site blog, weebly,, or I choose wordpress because I like the template and I find that it is easy to use.

Finding a topic to write is always the hardest thing for the first timer. I face this challenge too! I got headache in choosing the best template for my blog. There are so many terms which I not familiar with such as SEO, ping & others. I search and read many blogs so that I can get a basic info on how to start my blogging experience. There are thousand entries for tips ! Mostly come from an experience writers. and definitely help me a lot! Thanks to all the sifus out there.

I think one of the most important tips for a freshie like us is to understand why we start blogging.

As I said above, I want to share my feelings! I want to share my thoughts , experiences and interest with others. I want to see how I develop over years. Its is a tool for me to journal my progress in life. Also I want to left something for my descendant perhaps !  

"feel your paper with a breathing of your life"

I think writing can help me to be a better thinker. Writing is also a way of communicating my feelings and thoughts. You have to think in able to write. So it is a process which can help me to be a better communicator. So this my main reason to start blogging and this can also be yours !

Honestly, I spent more than 5 hours to write and edit this simple entry. I learn that writing a blog is never an easy job. Previously, I always envy people who make living just by writing a blog. What an easy job - sitting and writing on the net. Now I understand, its not the case. I have to find topic and makes people interested in our writing.  But as a first post, I bet no want will read this. chill!
I must muster up courage to keep on writing.

I am looking forward to my next blog post. I hope this start can be a positive start to me. Good luck to me and good luck to you too !

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  1. Selamat datang ke dunia blogger yer..
    satu lagi ahli baru.. hehe..

    aah betul tu, bukan mudah nak menulis ni.. tapi bila dah lama2 insyallah mudah la tu..

    part nak cari topik tu memang payah sikit, mcm sy sendiri un ada satu post ni dah dekat seminggu duk dalam draft tu.. baca edit and baca and edit. haha.. nak bagi pembaca tu faham dengan content kita yang ringkas tu..

    btw tagline "i think, i write" .. happy blogging..

    1. tq sbb sudi tinggalkan komen . appreciate that.